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Downliad ebook On A Stick : 80 Party-Perfect Recipes

On A Stick : 80 Party-Perfect Recipes

Why do the sector’s most delicious meals taste even higher served on a stick? Author and photographer matt armendariz solutions the question with dozens of delightful recipes for celebration meals, avenue-cart food, junk meals, and greater. From fashionable hors d’oeuvres to humble normal fare, it’s all here:

     •  deep-fried mac 'n' cheese 
     •  s'mores 
     •  antipasti 
     •  bacon-wrapped shrimp 
     •  fudge puppies 
     •  fish and chips 

...and more! 

Plus hints for using sticks and skewers like cocktail selections, sugarcane, and clean rosemary, thoughts for interesting, and quick and smooth recipes for scrumptious selfmade marinades, dips, and sauces. See for yourself why the whole thing tastes better on a stick!

About the Author

Matt Armendariz is a man with a passion for good food and a wonderful life with a dash of irreverence, as evidenced by his entertaining food blog, mattbites.com. His work has been recognized by numerous shows and publications,
including The  New YorkerBon App├ętitHouse BeautifulEpicuriousSerious Eats, and Everyday Food, and he’s even baked cookies with Martha Stewart. He lives in Los Angeles.
I bought this solely because I wanted a good corn dog recipe. The fact that I found a lot of interesting recipes to try is an unexpected, but very welcome, treat. I was expecting a lot of ridiculous novelty items, and there are some ridiculous things in this book (Fried spaghetti and meatballs on a stick, anyone?), but there are good quality recipes in this book. The recipes are easy to follow, and the introductory section about cooking with skewers/sticks would be helpful for someone without a lot of kitchen knowledge (soak wooden skewers first, sugarcane makes an excellent skewer for meat, etc).-Mirriam
Is author primarily a photographer or chef? Its amazing...You can't spell amaze without Matt Armendariz. I found this quirky thing mentioned on a website. How cool is fresh mozzarella balls and tomatoe grapes on a stick? Or corn rolled in cheese? Or easy S'Mores? If you put anything on a stick, someone (read: kids) will eat it. It is smaller, a small portion, just one bite, neater and for whatever reason..tastier. The indulgence, the miniature, the nostalgia. Also he has a dozen dipping sauces, from soy honey, to cilatro cream, to chocolate of course. What's better then on a stick? Dipping on a stick. The fried mac and cheese and spaghetti and meatballs might not be on my hit list, and I was blown away by how much is deep fried. This is a healthier version of fair food. This is a cute little book worth it for just the ideas and photos, and you can spin it your own way. This was a great summer and party resource. Don't bring the veggie dip next time...bring the party.-Grania
Haven't actually made any of the recipes but they all look great! I've read through a lot of them and I am excited to get started-Jessica O.

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