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Diwnload ebook The Complete Book Of Jerky : How to Process, Prepare, and Dry Beef, Venison, Turkey, Fish, and More (Complete Meat)

The Complete Book Of Jerky

Sink your enamel into the final home made treat!

High in protein, low in fat, and tasty--it is no surprise that jerky has been a popular snack for many years. Even as commercially made jerky is easy to locate in shops, it has a few downsides: it's costly, often excessive in sodium, and the flavors are constrained. While you make your own jerky, hunters can employ their own recreation, fishers can use their sparkling catch, and aware purchasers can use locally sourced meat. Of direction, the flavor alternatives go some distance past cracked black pepper as well! From classics which includes smoked salmon and teriyaki beef to extra innovative alternatives including spicy turkey, savory tofu, and soy and brown sugar venison, the selection is yours!

Writer philip hasheider, a butchery expert, will walk you via primary butchery for larger cuts of meat, how one of a kind muscular tissues (and fish) translate into jerky, and a ramification of ways to prepare jerky using a meals dehydrator or a smoker. Marinated, flavored, or simple and easy, learn how to make the jerky you crave!

About the Author

Philip Hasheider is a fifth-generation farmer raising pasture-grazed livestock with his wife and two children near Sauk City, Wisconsin. A former cheesemaker's assistant, his interests in agriculture and history have led him to write eleven books, including Voyageur Press' The Complete Book of Butchering, Smoking, Curing, and Sausage Making and The Hunter's Guide to Butchering, Smoking, and Curing Wild Game and Fish.
He has also penned how-to books for raising livestock, which include How to Raise Pigsand How to Raise Cattle. Hasheider has written numerous articles for national and international dairy breed publications, and his diverse work has appeared in the Wisconsin Academy Review, the Capital TimesWisconsin State JournalSickle & Sheaf, and Old Sauk Trails.
This book is awesome! If you are a jerky lover and dehydrate this book is a must! Seller is wonderful. All was described as written.-Tony Esser
 Great resource for all kinds of jerky!-Jack N J

Download Cooking Ebook The Complete Book Of Jerky : How to Process, Prepare, and Dry Beef, Venison, Turkey, Fish, and More (Complete Meat) | 39 Mb | Pages 147 | PDF | English | 2015

Download ebook the complete book of jerky

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