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Download ebook Adventures In Veggieland : Help Your Kids Learn to Love Vegetables―with 100 Easy Activities and Recipes

Adventures In Veggieland

Your children can discover ways to love vegetables—and have fun doing it!

So long to frightening vegetables; hello to friendly new textures, hues, and flavors! Here's a foolproof plan for buying your children to like their vegetables. Simply follow the “Three E’s”:

Expose your child to new vegetables with sensory, hands–on, educational activities: Create Beet Tattoos and play Cabbage Bingo!

Explore the characteristics of each veggie (texture, taste, temperature, and more) with delectable but oh–so–easy recipes: TryParsnip-Carrot Mac’n’Cheese and Pepper Shish Kebabs!

Expand your family’s repertoire with more inventive vegetable dishes—including a “sweet treat” in every chapter: Enjoy Pears and Parsnips in Puff Pastry and Tropical Carrot Confetti Cookies!

With a hundred youngster–tested sports and delicious recipes, plus professional recommendation on parenting inside the kitchen, adventures in veggieland gets you and your kids running (and playing!) collectively within the kitchen, set­ting even your pickiest eater up for an entire life of healthful ingesting.

About the Author

Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP, is a feeding therapist, author of Adventures in Veggieland, and an international speaker on the topic of picky eating and feeding disorders in children.
Her advice, found on her website MelaniePotock.com, has been shared in national publications, including Parents magazine. She lives in Colorado.

My kids are very selective eaters, with my oldest spending a lot of time when he was younger in food therapy. This book has kickstarted a new interest in trying different foods, and understanding that exposure to new foods through play are an important step on the way to actually tasting. The author Melanie is a great, supportive resource not only in her books, but in her presence on social media. Highly recommended!-PatD
I’m an occupational therapist who works with picky eaters and kids with feeding difficulties. I love this book! The format is amazing, specifically saying how kids can help in the kitchen (age specific) with each activity and parent specific items. It’s a great tool for all families. I love how it encourages every member of the family to be involved. Tons of great ideas and step by steps to walk you through each activity.-Emily
As a mom and a pediatric feeding therapist, I absolutely love Adventures in Veggieland. Melanie Potock has the book organized according to the 4 different seasons which makes it easy to find yummy seasonal veggies. This book offers fun and engaging ways to "expose, explore and expand"-Coach Mel's way to get your kiddos to enjoy veggies! I gave this book to my nieces and encouraged several Mothers of Preschoolers groups to order it....fun way to get kids in the kitchen and put veggies in their diets.-Erin

Download Cooking Ebook Adventures In Veggieland : Help Your Kids Learn to Love Vegetables―with 100 Easy Activities and Recipes | 15 Mb | Pages 290 | PDF | English | 2018

Download ebook adventures in veggieland
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