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Download ebook Codlo Sous-Vide Guide & Recipes : The ultimate guide to cooking sous-vide

Codlo Sous-Vide Guide & Recipes

A full-colour, complete introductory manual to sous-vide - whether or not you are simply starting out or are already cooking sous-vide, this is the right companion.

Advent to sous-vide: what is sous-vide cooking, how-to guides, cooking pointers, meals safety guidelines. 36 sumptuous recipes spanning eggs, fowl, red meat, beef, lamb, seafood and greens with beautiful images. Sous-vide temperature manual: easy-to-follow charts for each meals kind

Codlo's compact, revolutionary approach enables you to prepare dinner sous-vide at domestic by using upgrading your present kitchen device.
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About the Author

Codlo was conceptualized by Grace and Xi in 2012. They wanted to make sous-vide cooking easy, approachable and fun to share their excitement about this cooking technique.
When Grace were first introduced to sous-vide cuisine, she were astounded by how moist, tender and flavorful it could be, even with traditionally dry meats such as chicken breast. It made her ask ourselves “what if existing food we cooked could taste way better?”
After a year of development, she launched her Kickstarter campaign for Codlo in July 2013. She raised funds from 1,139 amazing backers around the world to bring Codlo to life - an actual, physical product built by us and our backers.
I am new to Sous Vide, and needed a book to accompany my new circulator. When I compared the times and temperatures of the manufacturers suggestions and this book, I found this book to have figures more to my taste. The recommended times and temperatures for eggs, as an example, gave me perfect poached eggs. The manufacturers suggestions came out runny. STill good, but using the book gave better results. There is a chapter on safety, which is very important. There are basic recipes and lots of suggestions. Would recommend this book to anyone wishing to learn more about sous vide cooking.-S. Moss
This is a beautifully put together guide to cooking sous vide. The photography makes everything look scrumptious, and I can't wait to start cooking with it.Single page guides to everything from, the perfect egg to different proteins to vegetables are a great overview for when you've finished the delicious receipes, which are presented with a timeline of how to get the recipes on the table on the schedule you want to serve them.BAlso helpful, the information on food safety, food storage, and the information on the safety of using plastics make this a must have addition to any sous vide cook.-Gibson
 There are a good basic instructions here, which is the point. I haven't followed any of the recipes yet, however there are only a handful of them. As a time/temp reference this is a good book.-C. Berkz

Download Cooking Ebook Codlo Sous-Vide Guide & Recipes : The ultimate guide to cooking sous-vide | 27 Mb | Pages 116 | PDF | English | 2014

Download ebook Codlo sous-vide guide & recipes
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