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Download ebook Cooking With Fire : From Roasting on a Spit to Baking in a Tannur, Rediscovered Techniques and Recipes That Capture the Flavors of Wood-Fired Cooking

Cooking With Fire

Enjoy the a laugh of cooking with stay hearth. This warm series from food historian and archaeologist paula marcoux includes more than a hundred hearth-cooked recipes that variety from cheese on a stick to roasted rabbit and naan bread. Marcoux’s straightforward commands and inspired musings on cooking with hearth are paired with mouthwatering snap shots so one can have you ever constructing primitive bread ovens and turning red meat on a selfmade spit. Gather all your friends round a hearth and start the feast.

About the Author

Paula Marcoux is a food historian who lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts; she has worked professionally as an archaeologist, cook, and bread-oven builder. She is the food editor ofEdible South Shore magazine, writes on food history topics for popular and academic audiences, and consults with museums, film producers, and publishers. She also gives regular workshops on natural leavening, historic baking, and wood-fired cooking. Her web site is www.themagnificentleaven.com.
When was the last time you really read a cookbook from cover to cover???? Well, Cooking with Fire is guaranteed to draw you in and make you think, "Gosh, maybe I should build a roasting hearth in my backyard even though I've never wanted one!!!" Obviously, the author, Paula Marcoux has researched this topic thoroughly. Additionally, however, she is able to convey the history of cooking with fire in an easy going, folksy manner, while intermingling mildly snarky and witty comments and yet remaining incredibly articulate and erudite. This proves true and is consistent throughout the book on all topics from Toasting Cheese to the more complex Twine-Roast Leg of Lamb to Building the Oven!!. A previous reviewer criticized such simple recipes like how to toast a marshmallow. Well, it seems to me, the reviewer missed the point of the recipe which is that learning how to really toast a marshmallow provides you with the basic knowledge and understanding for many other more complex recipes about cooking with fire.-D.C.I.M
Do yourself a favor and read every page. There is a special feeling to this book that is hard to duplicate. The recipes are simple yet the context makes it an experience. Mastering ancient techniques can bring a new level of showmanship to your cooking. This will make you shine on your next camping. This work should be your first book to the left on your outdoor cooking library.-Olais Silva
Cooking With Fire is an amazing book. It's not a cookbook really, or a history of humankind's relationship with fire, food, and cooking, really, or a riff on what can happen when you decide to cook something over a fire, really, or some fascinating glimpses into other cultures and eons and what they cooked and how; it is all of these things and more. This book is truly a treasure. It is extremely well written, funny and enjoyable on many levels. Ms. Marcoux has boundless enthusiasm for her subject and she conveys it admirably. Now I have to go back to selecting rocks and laying them for the neolithic fire pit I am building in my yard. If you only buy one book this year, buy this one.-Alma

Download Cooking Ebook Cooking With Fire : From Roasting on a Spit to Baking in a Tannur, Rediscovered Techniques and Recipes That Capture the Flavors of Wood-Fired Cooking | 48 Mb | Pages 321 | PDF | English | 2015

Download ebook cooking with fire
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