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Download ebook Girl In The Kitchen : How a Top Chef Cooks, Thinks, Shops, Eats and Drinks

Girl In The Kitchen

Stephanie izard knows how to inspire, captivate, and cook up a storm. Fan favored and the primary and best lady to win on television s pinnacle chef, she s also the chef and proprietor of the acclaimed female & the goat eating place in chicago. The female inside the kitchen collects greater than 100 of izard s quality recipes, from innovative appetizers like asian-spiced english peas to luscious desserts like quince and fig cobbler with vanilla mascarpone. Beautifully photographed and bursting with taste, personality, and insights into the pinnacle chef s method together with wherein she reveals her cooking muses, how she shops for food, and which beers and wines she chooses to accompany her food this e book represents the fruits of a craft and offers inspiration that reaches a long way beyond the kitchen walls.

About the Author

Stephanie Izard was named Top Chef in season four of the award-winning Bravo series, and is now chef/owner of Girl & the Goat in Chicago. 

Heather Shouse is a Chicago-based reporter forFood & Wine and the Eat & Drink editor of Time Out Chicago. 

Dan Goldberg is a Chicago-based food and lifestyle photographer. His work for Chronicle Books includes Latin Grill.
Much as I liked Chef Stephanie Izard on Top Chef, and fully believed she should be the winner, I didn't really expect this book to necessarily be such a winner. The little intro that goes with each recipe informs where it came from & why, and explains flavor profiles. She also gives hints on modifications that might be worthwhile, especially things to shorten the time or effort. Every recipe has a wine or beer pairing, and why she chose that particular one...and sometimes an alternate. There are Ingredient Spotlights with most recipes..the "what" & "why" of various ingredients. She gives us a lot of personal background sprinkled throughout, as is popular these days. She comes across as every bit as feisty, but nice, as she appears. She's a strong lady, but humble, too.-Lyndell
Had to pick up the book after having eaten at Girl and the Goat, Little Goat Diner, and Little Goat Bakery (yes, all of them, and a couple times each at the latter two). Izard's food is remarkably inventive and really exciting to have play with your palate! I found the recipes in the book, however, to be a challenge. This is not meant to be a bible of everyday techniques and recipes that you can prepare on a whim, with whatever foodstuffs you have sitting in your pantry - you need to pick a recipe in advance, shop for it, and prepare consciously for the dish you want to make. I'm personally not at the level of cooking I need to be at in order to execute these recipes properly.-C. Aje
I bought this for a friend for her birthday. We are fans of Top Chef and fell in love with Stephanie Izard during her winning season. She is so talented and dazzled the judges with taste combinations they had never considered. She has brought that same skill to this book while making it seem doable for we novice cooks.-JoAnn

Download Cooking Ebook Girl In The Kitchen : How a Top Chef Cooks, Thinks, Shops, Eats and Drinks | 102 Mb | Pages 256 | PDF | English | 2013

 Download ebook girl in the kitchen
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