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Download ebook Incredibly Decadent Desserts : Over 100 Divine Treats with 300 Calories or Less

Incredibly Decadent Desserts

In case you've ever skipped dessert because you failed to want to indulge, cooking light has the answer: guilt-loose variations of your favourite recipes that reduce calories with out sacrificing taste. The name of the game? Deb sensible, an skilled baker who has perfected the artwork of wholesome baking and dessert-making.

In fairly decadent desserts, deb shares a hundred amazingly tasty recipes - from display-preventing cakes and mile-high cupcakes to wealthy cream pies and scrumptious cookies and bars - considering underneath three hundred energy. You will study deb's terrific pointers and tricks for creating lightened-up treats, from resourceful aspect swaps to smart take a look at kitchen techniques. Sincere commands paired with step-via-step photographs make sure sweet fulfillment for everyday home chefs. And with element lists that choose entire grains over processed foods, those impossible to resist dishes show that healthy desserts are not just pie in the sky.

About the Author

Deb Wise is a truly innovative baker who enjoys the challenge of creating delicious desserts. For the past six years, she's worked as a recipe tester and recipe developer in the Cooking Light test kitchen where she has produced many of the magazine's top-rated desserts. She earned her culinary degree from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York and polished her pastry chops as a pastry cook at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville and Sailfish Point in Stuart, Florida. When she's not working in theCooking Light test kitchen, she creates wedding cakes as well as specialty cakes and truffles for high-end caterers. She shares her baking tips regularly at CookingLight.com.
Incredibly Decadent Desserts: Over 100 Divine Treats with 300 Calories or Less By Deb Wise contains over 100 recipes with 300 calories or less per serving. The book is broken down into seven chapters, plus nutritional information, metric equivalents, and the index. The book begins with the informational “Introduction” and “The Basics” chapters before recipes are provided in the “The Cake Walk”, “Upper Crust”, “Small Bites”, “Old School”, “Frozen And Chilled”, and “Labors Of Love” chapters. Each recipe includes a tantalizing color photo, and on many a sidebar with technique tips, ingredient details, or helpful instructions. Between recipes, there may be an expanded tip such as “My Top 5 Tips For Making Merengue” or “My Top 5 Tips For Creating The Best Texture”. While I like desserts, I don’t get to enjoy them very often. I am currently training to compete in a men’s physique competition. Lighter dessert recipes for the occasional cheat or when bulking is a benefit. I would prefer some high protein options. Additionally, I try to stick to natural ingredients. Cool Whip is a common ingredient, I don’t eat this fake food and find the thought of eating it revolting. However Deb makes a solid case for her use in “The Basics” chapter. Whipped cream is high calorie and Cool Whip is a low calorie replacement that make low calorie alternatives possible.-LT Beasimer
I really enjoyed making recipes from this Cooking Light Collection. There is something for every type of craving and every diet type. These recipes aimed to reduce calories and fat, but while keeping the flavor.-A.L.W
Deb Wise has a lot of experience creating light-ish desserts. It's her day job, after all. In this book she offers a good selection of meal-ending sweets, from pies and cookies and cakes and fruit-based-but-not-pie things to muffins and puddings. Plenty of variety. Each recipe comes with a photo. Each comes with clear directions - not to be taken lightly. Each category comes with a few tips and techniques, some of which were new to me. But what of the recipes themselves? Of course I've tried only a few, and can't speak for all. The sweet-savory muffins were good, and the chocolate cookies ditto. The biscotti recipe worked. I'm not a pie or cooked-fruit person so can't judge there. But she doesn't just reduce the serving sizes. These are genuinely lightened desserts that get the most taste for the reduction in calories.-Jessica

Download Cooking Ebook Incredibly Decadent Desserts : Over 100 Divine Treats with 300 Calories or Less | 31 Mb | Pages 603 | PDF | English | 2015

Download ebook incredibly decadent desserts
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