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Download ebook mediterranean Cuisine: Secrets from Coastal Italian Kitchens

Mediterranean Cuisine

From academia barilla, the primary international middle committed to the merchandising of italian gastronomy, comes this lavishly illustrated guide to mediterranean cuisine. Steeped within the historical dietary traditions of the bel paese and the most up-to-date nutritional findings, this cookbook capabilities 120 delicious, healthy recipes. All sorts of “italian fashion” dishes are blanketed, from antipasti and vegetable offerings to first publications like polenta taragna and chestnut soup to 2nd guides which include roasted purple mullet and mouthwatering frittatas to pizza, focaccia, and delectable cakes.

About the Author

ACADEMIA BARILLA, founded in 2004 in Parma, one of the most distinguished capitals of Italian cuisine, is a center of great professionalism and talent that is exceptional in the world of cooking. It promotes Italian culinary art, protecting the regional gastronomic heritage and safeguarding it from imitations and counterfeits, while encouraging the great traditions of the Italian restaurant industry.
Academia Barilla organizes cooking classes for culinary enthusiasts, distributes the best Italian products, and spreads Italy’s gastronomic culture through publications like this one that recount the unequaled riches of the country.
A great book . A very good addition to my cookbook library. I would reccommend this book to a true gourmand.-Tichard G.

Download Cooking Ebook Mediterranean Cuisine: Secrets from Coastal Italian Kitchens | 68 Mb | Pages 312 | PDF | English | 2011

Download ebook mediterranean cusine
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