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Download ebook One Dough, Ten Breads : Making Great Bread by Hand

One Dough, Ten Breads

An introduction to making bread by hand, from one easy dough to ten classic loaves to infinite possibilities

For anyone who’s ever wanted to bake homemade bread but doesn’t know where to begin, One Dough, Ten Breads is the answer: With just a few ingredients, one’s own two hands, and this book, even a novice baker is well on the way to making artisan-style breads. Baking instructor Sarah Black starts with the simplest “plain white” dough, then makes small changes to ingredients, proportions, and shapes to take the reader through ten “foundation” breads, from baguettes to ciabatta to whole-wheat pain de campagne to sourdough. Notes and teaching moments, shaping instructions, clear step-by-step photography, and additional recipes build on this foundation to create new and varied breads that will appeal to bakers of all skill levels, including: sandwich loaves, rustic country-style breads, dinner rolls, pizza and focaccia, crackers, and hearty breads studded with dried fruits, nuts, seeds, or whole grains.

About the Author

Sarah Black is a baker and baking instructor with 25 years of professional baking experience in New York City, having worked at such legendary bakeries as Tom Cat Bakery and Amy's Bread and with such companies as Whole Foods Market and Pepperidge Farm. Her future plans include teaching bread classes at The Seasoned Farmhouse and opening a recreational bread and baking school, floral studio and cafe with Tricia Wheeler and Sarah Lagrotteria, called Flowers and Bread, in the fall of 2015, in Clintonville, Ohio. She loves making bread.
This is not only the best bread-making book I've ever read, it's the best cookbook of any kind I've seen in years. The photographs are beautiful but not prettified, they're real. The clarity of the writing is extraordinary. It's as if the author were at your side, guiding you through every step so that you know precisely not just how your dough looks but how it feels and smells--when it's going right as well as when it's going wrong. The comparison that comes to mind is Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking," or Julia's great old TV shows, the best-ever of culinary instruction. Whether you've never made bread before or you consider yourself an accomplished baker, "One Dough, Ten Breads," once you've used it, will have become a necessity.-Francesco 
For the first time in my life, I've successfully made bread thanks to this book! In the past, all of my bread hasn't risen or been tough or just tasted gross. Apparently, I've been doing it all wrong - killing the yeast (because didn't use a thermometer), using too much flour (not measuring by weight), and kneading it to death (instead of folding). I am SO HAPPY that I found this book. I've already made 4 batches of baguettes over the last 2 weeks and the cinnamon raisin bread. My family said it is the best bread they've ever tasted. I've got the sourdough starter going so I can't wait to try fermented recipes too. I HIGHLY recommend this for the bread novice. If the pictures are still confusing as far as bread shaping - I suggest watching a youtube video on how to shape baguettes/boules/ciabatta along with the book - it made the "lightbulb go off" in my head.-Afiddler
I bake a lot of bread; I have a lot of bread baking books. I am a pretty experienced bread baker. This is one terrific bread-making book! There are many reasons for saying that, but here's just one relatively small one: the baker has a very nice recipe for pain de mie with a very considerate suggestion for how to make pain de mie for those who do not have a Pullman loaf pan. I have a Pullman loaf pan but even so, I very much appreciate the courtesy of the baker who offers a good alternative. The photos are beautiful and inspire one to bake! I have a few favorite bread-making books out of my collection and this is one of them.-Johnprine 

Download Cooking Ebook One Dough, Ten Breads : Making Great Bread by Hand | 190 Mb | Pages 227 | PDF | English | 2016

Download ebook one dough ten breads
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