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Download ebook Phoenix Claws And Jade Trees : Essential Techniques of Authentic Chinese Cooking

Phoenix Claws And Jade Trees

Winner of the 2016 iacp julia child first ebook award

Phoenix claws and jade timber gives a completely unique advent to chinese home cooking, demystifying it by means of focusing on its fundamental cooking techniques. In outlining the differences amongst diverse techniques--which includes pan-frying, oil steeping, and yin-yang frying--and teaching which one is best for particular substances and quit results, culinary professional kian lam kho offers a practical, intuitive window into this precise cuisine. Once one learns a way to dry stir-fry hen, you can still then optimistically follow the technique to tofu, shrimp, and any quantity of ingredients.

Observed by way of more than two hundred images, together with useful step-via-step photographs, the 158 recipes range from simple, consisting of highly spiced lotus root salad or red cooked red meat, to slightly extra involved, such as true widespread tso's chook or red meat shank soup with winter bamboo. But the real brilliance at the back of this revolutionary book lies within the manner it teaches the soul of chinese cooking, enabling home chefs to master this numerous, fascinating delicacies after which to re-create any tempting dish they stumble upon or can believe.

About the Author

KIAN LAM KHO is a chef, culinary instructor, restaurant consultant, and the James Beard Award–nominated blogger behind redcook.net. He has taught at the Institute of Culinary Education and Brooklyn Kitchen. He lives in New York City.
The term "Chinese menu" conjures up images of stiff necks glazing over a list of endless options. Finally, you ask for a recommendation -negotiate internally- and predictably throw in a few other comforting items. At least, that's how most business decision are made. To circumvent this, people and companies have made careers out analyzing troves of data to streamline the recommendation-decision process. Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees takes on a monumental task of demystifying Chinese cooking (brave!). Rather than clumsily assembling chapters by region or ingredients, Kian Lam Kho stealthy introduces concise recipes through technique: Explosion in the Wok, Dipping in Oil, Flavoring with Sauces, The Virtues of Slow Cooking, etc. WWJD? He would gift this book instead of calling for delivery.-Santoku
This is probably the most comprehensive introduction to Chinese cooking. The author puts special emphasis on ingredients, equipment, and technique. He wants you to understand the "how" and "why" behind everything, which makes him a wonderful teacher. The photography is also to die for, and it's obvious from the recipes and photos that the author is a real master of Chinese cooking. The types of recipes in this cookbook are for the types of dishes that you might find in a fine Chinese restaurant. Many of them are something quite special and better than the typical versions that one might eat at any small restaurant in China. Instead, these are the sort of dishes that would be available at an expensive restaurant or hotel. However, I should emphasize that the dishes are not so difficult. It just means that you may have stock your cupboards with some extra spices and sauces (no big deal).-Bat Wing
I love a lot of the recipe on here , recipes that my mom and grandma always make growing up , now that i am in late 20's i truly miss eating everything from the culture of my people that is why bought this book , it brought me back to my childhood , sure the flavor maybe intense to some but i love it .-Kimmie

Download Cooking Ebook Phoenix Claws And Jade Trees : Essential Techniques of Authentic Chinese Cooking | 38 Mb | Pages 940 | PDF | English | 2015

 Download ebook phoenix claws and jade trees
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