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Download ebook SHEET PAN SUPPERS : 120 Recipes for Simple, Surprising, Hands-Off Meals Straight from the Oven


It’s the only-pot meal reinvented, and what's positive to become every busy cook dinner’s new favored way of having dinner at the desk. It’s sheet pan suppers—a step forward full-coloration cookbook with more than a hundred and twenty recipes for entire meals, snacks, brunch, and even dessert, that require not anything more than a sheet pan, your oven, and molly gilbert’s inspired technique.

The distinctive feature of cooking on a sheet pan is two-fold. First there’s the convenience of cooking the whole thing together and having simply one pan to clean up. Then there’s the cooking method—roasting, baking, or broiling—3 techniques that intensify flavors; in other words, food tastes better while cooked on a sheet pan (pass over, slow cooker). However the actual genius right here is molly gilbert’s clean, sophisticated approach. There are smooth dinners for weeknight meals—fowl legs with fennel and orange; soy-mustard salmon and broccoli; roasted red meat tenderloin with squash, apples, and onions. Unique occasion food—rack of lamb with herby bread crumbs and buttered carrots; asparagus and black cod in parchment. Meatless food—israeli couscous-crammed peppers. Plus marvel extras, which includes in-a-snap birthday celebration snacks—baked brie and strawberries, corn and crab desserts with yogurt aioli; short brunch dishes like greens and eggs and ham, and baked apricot french toast; and, of path, dessert—stone fruit slab pie, halloween sweet s’mores.

Maximum ease, minimum cleanup, and mouthwatering recipes. In other phrases, a revelation in an effort to trade the way we cook.

About the Author

Molly Gilbert, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, is a cooking instructor, food blogger (dunkandcrumble.com), former private chef, and recipe tester in the kitchen of Saveur. She lives in Seattle.
I've made three recipes so far and am in love. Many one-pot meals are stove top or Dutch oven based and I love them but they get old. Sheet pan suppers bring in roasted flavors that just don't come from other cooking methods. One sheet pan is also even easier--if you use a liner, clean up is a snap.
But more importantly, the dishes are delicious. We made the chicken with broccolini in a spicy peanut sauce and my husband said it was his new favorite dish--and the hands on part came together in mere minutes. Chicken Jerome was good but we did decide to pour off the sauce and thicken it on the stove and wouldn't put scallions on the top next time but instead mix them in--they charred. The third dishe we tried so far, roasted pork chops with apple cabbage slaw was also a real winner and again only took a few minutes. I like how the book is divided up with vegetarain, beef, chicken, pork, brunch, desserts. This really is a new favorite in our house--highly recommended.-A. Sterk
Sheet pan dinners are becoming a “thing,” but a lot of us have been cooking this way for years. It reduces the number of pots/pans needed to get dinner on the table and allows flavors to combine better than cooking everything separately. I was curious to see the current “state of the art” in preparing one-pan oven-baked/broiled meals. Molly Gilbert has put together some interesting and creative recipes, most of which can be prepared with ingredients found in most supermarkets. There’s a nice variety organized by protein (fish, poultry, meat) as well as some vegetarian options, sides, and desserts. Most of the recipes have photographs, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The Kindle edition is nicely formatted, with no obvious “skipping” problems I’ve had with other ebooks. I use the Kindle software on my iPad when I’m cooking and everything works just fine.-M. Mountford
I love this cookbook, GREAT ideas in it, it requires prep work it is not a throw food together type of book. One thing ive learned to accept with cooking, take your time dont be in such a rush and your food will taste 10 times better. Everyone is in such a hurry it seems, thats what Ive gathered from other reviewers as they wanted no prep and easy. These recipes are easy, the main thing you can take away with this book is everything is cooked on one sheet. So you dont have to stand over a hot stove, you prep the food put it on your sheet pan and cook it. I have made several recipes so far and they have pretty much all been good. Invest in some good aluminum foil, parchment paper and a sheet pan and your ready to roll with this cookbook.-Sammy

Download Cooking Ebook SHEET PAN SUPPERS : 120 Recipes for Simple, Surprising, Hands-Off Meals Straight from the Oven | 60 Mb | Pages 305 | PDF | English | 2014

Download ebook sheet pan suppers
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