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Step-By-Step Cakes

Step-By-Step Cakes

If you need fulfillment in the kitchen, dk's new step-by way of-step collection will take you through every unmarried level of traditional recipes with clear, illustrated, step-with the aid of-step commands that assure you will be cooking with self assurance.

Providing  hundred recipes in smooth, step-by using-step sequences that showcase each unmarried degree, step-via-step desserts covers a spectrum of cakes, from angel meals, jelly rolls, and mini desserts, to pink velvet, sponges, and chiffon cakes.

Step-with the aid of-step desserts can have readers cooking the world's traditional recipes correctly, whether or not creating a birthday cake or whipping up biscuits, cookies, or treats for the circle of relatives.

This book is very good because it showed photos and explained all the steps to making macarons, layered cakes, shortbread etc, followed by the different types of recipes and flavours, so you understand the basics are the same and use the different flavours, textures and ingredients, receipes provided after each chapter. Good value for money for such detailed information and it is in hardcover too. Go buy it.-Doris
A great book for beginners like me. It has clear and basic, step-by-step instructions to follow that you know if it doesn't turn out right that it has to be your error. That is a good thing. Pay attention to the instructions and read the recipe through first, and you will be fine!-Freedamans
Another excellent DK book. Great for teaching young bakers.-Mommly fl

Download Cooking Ebook Step-By-Step Cakes | 45 Mb | Pages 194 | PDF | English | 2012

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