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Download ebook The Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook

The Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook

What's the latest secret weapon for folks that need hearty, gradual-cooked food but don't have hours to spend inside the kitchen? You guessed it the stress cooker! All of us with a taste for suitable, filling meals made fast will discover the stress cooker imperative for getting dinner on the table. And this welcome guide will assist them do it with more than 400 easy-to-observe recipes from stocks and sauces to vegetables and smooth meats, or even fashionable desserts like creme brulee plus pointers on choosing and competently using pressure cookers. This authoritative compendium offers a cutting-edge take on a tried-and-proper technique, with recipes that prove that less cooking time does not suggest less delicious. Who knew cooking could relieve a lot pressure?

About the Author

Diane Phillips is an international cooking teacher, consultant, and author of 15 cookbooks. She lives in San Diego.
I bought two pressure cooker cookbooks once I got over my fear of my pressure cooker. This one, and Miss Vicki's Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes. I am a novice, but have used my pressure daily for 3 weeks to make delicious dinners for my family. The recipes in this book are easy to follow, accurate (more later on this), and always delicious. I already have 'Old Favorites' in this fairly new cookbook. I love that this book has both a Coc Au Vin and Beef Bourguignonne recipes for my pressure cooker. These are both dishes that I have meticulously slaved over all day to make from my Julia Child recipes. To have someone accurately translate these into simple pressure cooker recipes for a novice is wonderful. Each time I have made my husband something from this cookbook, he has said, 'You have to mark that recipe, it's a keeper'. It got to the point where I told him, you will have to tell me when there is something you don't like because so far you have told me to mark every single recipe as delicious.-Shay
This book is PERFECT for those who are new to pressure cookers. Not only does it have a ton of great recipes, but it has a lot of useful information f or newbies. There are cooking timing charts for all sorts of veggies and beans as well as tips and tricks throughout the book. It's really worth the purchase, especially if you really don't know where to start with your pressure cooker.-Sarah
I absolutely love this cookbook! "The Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook" by Diane Phillips has turned out to be a wonderful addition to my cookbook arsenal. The recipes are clear and concise and easy to follow. While there aren't any photos, the way she describes the recipes make them easy to follow. I really love how the ingredients are listed to the side of the recipe - it makes it easier to see if you have what you need on hand, instead of having the ingredients on the top and the recipe underneath. The beginning of the book has lots of tips and tricks, which makes pressure cooking such a joy! I love how the recipes aren't for anything odd, and there's lots of classic dishes, soups & stews, beans and even some delicious desserts. I surely don't regret this purchase - wish I'd found this gem sooner!-KatLady

Download Cooking Ebook The Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook | 153 Mb | Pages 482 | PDF | English | 2012

Download ebook the easy pressure cooking cookbook

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