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Download ebook Quick Pickle Cookbook : Recipes and Techniques for Making and Using Brined Fruits and Vegetables

Quick Pickle Cookbook

Make your own short and delicious brines for pickling or cooking.

The fast pickle cookbook conjures up innovative uses for selfmade vegetable and fruit pickles. Every pickled fruit or vegetable includes recommendations for innovative uses in dishes and cocktails in addition to taste versions. You'll even learn how to use the brine inside the recipes you prepare! Create lots of delicious recipes with pickled substances with the fast pickle cookbook!

About the Author

Grace Parisi is the author of 3 cookbooks, most recently, The Portlandia Cookbook; Cook Like a Local. Her previous book, Get Saucy was nominated for a James Beard award for Best Single Subject Book of 2005. She has since written for Cooking Light, Fitness, Epicurious, Health and O Magazine. In the kitchen Grace is adept at all cuisines and is an expert baker and recipe developer. Given the choice between sweet and savory, her response is always, "Yes, Please!" In her life outside the kitchen, Grace is a long distance runner, athlete, and an avid racer. She plays guitars, loves camping, gardening in her postage-stamp sized Brooklyn backyard and cooking for a crowd, including her husband and two children.
I just got this book and have already made so many recipes from it. It is unbelievably easy to follow and everything tastes so good In fact, I made my second batch of the Lime-Chile Pickled Pineapple last night - a huge hit with my friends (we mixed the brine with Vodka and had the tastiest drink ever!. astiestler Diller Pickles are amazing and so fresh! It wont be long before I make every recipe in this book!-Alisyha C.
A beautiful cookbook for those interested in pickling a variety of foods. Both vegetable and fruit pickles are included, along with recipes that include the pickled food. For instance, make "Hot-and-Sour Garlic Pickle Chips" then turn them into a homemade "Fried Pickles with Ranch" appetizer. This cookbook would be especially attractive to an adventurous cook, as many recipes are a bit more exotic ("Coconut Lychee Ice Cream" or "Turkey Larb with Pickled Thai Eggplant"). Most recipes are also written for pickling a moderate amount, 1-2 pints or 1 quart, making it a useful resource for those who shop farmer's markets or have a family-sized harvest from their own garden.-Laura P.

Download Cooking Ebook Quick Pickle Cookbook : Recipes and Techniques for Making and Using Brined Fruits and Vegetables | 32 Mb | Pages 149 | PDF | English | 2016

Download ebook quick pickle cookbook
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