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Download ebook The Sourdough School : The ground-breaking guide to making gut-friendly bread

The Sourdough School

'Master the art of sourdough with vanessa and you'll discover ways to appearance after your very own intestine microbes and fitness.' - tim spector, creator of the food plan fantasy

At her renowned sourdough school, vanessa has taught endless college students the secrets of this healthful, extra easily digestible bread, and now she has compiled her teachings for the house baker. From developing your personal starter from scratch, you will then circulate on to simple breadmaking strategies, before progressing to the use of sprouted grains and experimenting with flavours to produce fig and earl grey and cherry plum loaves. With step-via-step images, certain instructions, expert recommendation and vanessa's crucial encouragement, the sourdough faculty celebrates the timeless craft of artisan baking.

About the Author

Specialist sourdough baker, Vanessa Kimbell has been baking sourdough since she was a young girl in South West France. She is a is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4's Food Programme, the category leader of the home bakers sourdough section of The World Bread Awards, and the is the author of the award-winning ethical and sustainable recipe book Food for Thought published in November 2015.
Vanessa Kimbell runs The Sourdough School in Northamptonshire.
Just like the perfect sourdough loaf, with a beautiful crust and a welcoming, soft crumb, 'The Sourdough School' is a book of many layers. Whether you are baking your first ‘Classic white’ or reeling from the delicious possibility of a chocolate starter, there are clear and concise instructions that are backed up by all manner of supplementary notes. Whilst you are enjoying the deeper, more complex flavours of your sourdough toastie, Vanessa will lead you through every facet of the making process and, with a chef’s ability to combine flavours, suggest what you can do with your leftover starter. The very thought of a pumpkin and cinnamon sourdough dust is a revelation and one that triggers the imagination as well as the tastebuds.-Ken Noakes
At last I have it, the latest edition to my small collection of bread making books. This is something else though, good size, wonderful images but above all the knowledge of Vanessa. Whereas most of my other books skirt around the science of the fermentation process and nutrition I have learnt so much already and have only reached chapter four. Skipping through the rest of the book makes me want to jump in and get baking but will read the book first to get the most that I can from the information within. Science and bread, what more could you ask for.-Andy Stott
Brilliant sourdough book. Much better than a chapter in a generic bread book as this dedicated books explains everything. It’s also an interesting read, which encourages you to try and learn through your own experience of making sourdough. There is no shortcut to being successful in sourdough making and you need to understand the process and this book is just the book.-A. Brodigan

Download Cooking Ebook The Sourdough School : The ground-breaking guide to making gut-friendly bread | 70 Mb | Pages 398 | EPUB | English | 2018

 Download ebook the sourdough school
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