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101 One-Dish Dinners: Hearty Recipes for the Dutch Oven, Skillet & Casserole Pan

101 One-Dish Dinners

One-Dish is a triumphing method for nowadays’s busy families. In one zero one one-dish dinners, andrea chesman suggests off the flexibility of dutch ovens, skillets, and casserole pans. Conventional baked dishes like ham and potato gratin, chook potpie, and vegetable lasagne cross head-to-head with various stovetop suppers like jambalaya, seafood paella, and pad thai. For those searching out something a bit lighter but nonetheless filling, there are plenty of meal-in-a-bowl salads and undying soups. Serve up a nourishing meal this night with little fuss and fewer dishes!

This classic cookbook by means of andrea chesman contains one zero one answers to getting a homemade supper on the table without all of the fuss. In every case, it is all approximately filling simply one dish – whether skillet, dutch oven, soup pot, or salad bowl – with a entire meal. From mac 'n' cheese to thai pork noodle salad, chesman offers acquainted comfort ingredients a cutting-edge twist and spices up her recipes with flavors from round the arena.

About the Author

Andrea Chesman is the author of The Fat Kitchen as well as many other cookbooks that focus on traditional techniques and fresh-from-the-garden cooking. Her previous books include The Pickled Pantry, Serving Up the Harvest, 101 One-Dish Dinners, and The Backyard Homestead Book of Kitchen Know-How. She teaches and gives cooking demonstrations and classes across the United States. She lives in Ripton, Vermont.
I'm a one-dish kind of cook, so this book is great for me. Delicious, simple recipes. The book won't make it to my bookshelves, but stay on the kitchen counter for frequent use.-Fredburg Lady
I'm always looking for a wider and more flavorful array of dinners than my old standbys can offer. Many cookbooks these days try to reach across the Earth with international dishes, but this one truly does, and offers a who’s-who of the worlds best family dishes from across the globe. soups, stews, skillet suppers, casseroles and baked dishes, and salad suppers, too. They’re all quick, easy, healthful and real dishes from around the world — plus very little clean-up afterwards. The international flavors are most welcome in our home, with the Mexican, Indian, Southeast Asian, and the many vegetarian dishes all being big hits. The recipes are all quite simple and filled with flavor, whether they’re heavy or light dishes. For soups, we’re enjoying both the seafood gumbo and Thai tom yum soups. With shrimp being so cheap nowadays, the seafood paella (heavy on the shrimp, light on the clams) is something my husband and I really enjoy.-J.Smith 
Although I love cooking, the clean up is by far my least favorite part so one-dish dinners are slowly becoming my go-to. This has a great selection of soup, skillet dinners, and oven-baked recipes that seem to be very simple and easy to follow. There are tips on cutting tools, cookware, and how to properly stock your pantry at the beginning as well as a short paragraph on how to care for and season cast iron skillets (which I actually found very helpful). Also, each recipe is preluded by interesting facts, history, or tips which was a nice addition. Out of the 101 recipes, I ended up bookmarking only about 20-30. Unfortunately, not all the recipes are followed by a picture which would have been helpful especially for the recipes I had never heard of before. I'm almost positive I would have ended up with a lot more bookmarked if more pictures had been included. One recipe I was thrilled to see was the one for Caldo Verde. I will definitely be making it to see if it compares to my moms!-Joanna

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