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Alpine Cookbook

Alpine cookbook combines unique cooking traditions with modern ideas in greater than 110 scrumptious recipes from the alps.
Filled with a mixture of conventional culinary treasures and those past the classics, alpine cookbook includes greater than one hundred ten recipes from bavaria, austria, and switzerland, and highlights the type of dishes this regional cuisine has to offer.
It features well known favorites like potato pancakes and austrian schnitzel, in addition to modern-day twists on unique cooking traditions from the region. From rich and meaty consolation ingredients to lighter vegetarian dishes, alpine cookbook includes a culinary pride for every palate.

About the Author

Hans Gerlach worked for many years as a trained cook and chef in award-winning European restaurants; then he got a degree in architecture. For a while, he worked as a food stylist in Munich and today is an author, food photographer, and "kitchen coach." He is well known to a wide audience for his column in Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine. 
I love this cookbook. The recipes are easy to follow and so tasty when they are finished! My favorite is the chicken cordon blue. This book is filled with great comfort food that even my picky eater boyfriend loves. The only thing is that some of the ingridents are hard to come by in my Midwest town. Some cheeses and herbs just aren't sold here. But, substitutions can always be made!-Scootch

Download Cooking Ebook Alpine Cookbook | 38 Mb | Pages 224 | PDF | English | 2015

download ebook alpine cookbook
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