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Smoke & Pickle

Chef edward lee's tale and his meals could best manifest in the united states. Raised in brooklyn by a family of korean immigrants, he sooner or later settled down in his followed homeland of louisville, kentucky, wherein he owns the acclaimed restaurant 610 magnolia. A a couple of james beard award nominee for his particular patchwork cuisine, edward creates recipes--packed with pickling, fermenting, frying, curing, and smoking--that reflect the overlapping flavors and techniques that led this korean-american boy to feel proper at domestic inside the south. Dishes like fowl-fried beef steak with ramen crust and buttermilk pepper gravy; collards and kimchi; braised beef kalbi with gentle grits and scallions; and miso-smothered hen all percentage an area on his desk. Born with the storytelling gene of a true southerner, lee fills his debut cookbook with stories of the restaurant global, the big apple town, kentucky, and his time competing on top chef, plus more than one hundred thirty awesome recipes for food with korean roots and southern soul.
Saw this book several months ago when it first came out. I passed it by because I saw "Smoke" and "New Southern Kitchen": My mind immediately turned to barbecue and Deep South Gulf Coast recipes. Living down below Houston, I don't need another "new" attitude towards cooking Texas- or Louisiana-style dishes. But when I saw it available at my local library, I decided to get on the waiting list for it. I've had it for a few weeks now and I'm very excited by the recipes I've tried and those that I've marked. Boy, what a fool I've been! Oh, what I've been missing! I can't avoid it; I am ordering my own copy of this book. (And I think the cover of this book is a bit misleading--I'm not sure where "Smoke" comes in...) As I state in the title of my review, the ingredient lists are way, way long. But--for once--I don't care how long they are. The many ingredients allow for a complexity of flavor that I don't often see in "do-able" recipes. Assembling ingredients is probably the most difficult and time-consuming part of these recipes. And that's not a terrible thing, is it? By "do-able"--and I like "do-able"--I mean recipes that don't take hours and hours to build; recipes that don't break the bank, and recipes where the instructions don't cause my heart to flutter with anxiety (over intricacy issues) or consternation (over unclear directions).-Mike
I hope I get a chance to meet Edward Lee someday and thank him for his work. I've never eaten at his restaurant (would like to do that, too) but we share a lot of common favorite foods (kimchi, grits, bourbon, rice with toasted edges, and various bits of pigs) and I've had many a feast reading his insightful words. Chef Lee's inclusive observations on food, cultural intersections, human compassion and keeping tradition alive by making new things have made me cry more than once. Hell, they've made me cry a lot. On a personal level, I'm glad that such an insightful observer not born in my culture (though I would gladly claim him as a cousin if he would let me) lets me know that the things I admire about the foodways and values of the mountain South aren't just nostalgia. On a global level, Mr. Lee's kind of thinking about human understanding and bringing it to a very big table just might be the stuff we need to save the world.-K.G.Watson
This is the second copy of smoke and pickles that I’ve purchased from Amazon. The first one has been well used and enjoyed. Ed Lee’s writing is beautiful. It’s smart and reflective and feels incredibly authentic. The recipes are great. I usually don’t follow recipes unless it’s something new or something that requires a specific recipe. That being said, I’ve cooked almost half the recipes in the book. It’s worth it just for the lamb bacon! I hope he writes another book one day!-Tinton Vernanda 

Download Cooking Ebook Smoke & Pickle : Recipes and Stories from a New Southern Kitchen | 295 Mb | Pages 304 | PDF | English | 2013

download ebook smoke & pickle
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