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Whole Grain Vegan Baking
Have your cake and feel accurate about it too!
Do complete grain flours intimidate you? Does amaranth flour sound captivating however perhaps a bit too froufrou? Do you like the chocolate cherry scones at your neighborhood coffee keep, however feel manner too scared to try them in your very own?

Fears begone! You are now inside the safe (albeit floury) palms of celine steen and tamasin noyes,  vegan girls who know their manner across the oven—and barley and buckwheat flour too. Assume to see no longer an ounce of white flour, subtle white sugar, or powdered egg replacer in this e book. As a substitute, bask in healthy breads, truffles, pies, pancakes, and other treats that draw on the nutty intensity of taste and greater taste of ingredients like whole grain flours and herbal sweeteners.

All you want is a bowl, a spoon, and a touch “can-do!” mind-set to whip up treats like caramel nut barley squares, potato and walnut wheat bread, and chocolate raspberry tart. With greater than 100 recipes to select from, the hardest element you’ll must do is pick out out what to bake first!
Your flavor buds will love you, your friends will adore you, your waist will thank you, and the planet may be making a song your praises with whole grain vegan baking. You’re only a whisk away!
About the Author
Celine Steen is the co-author of Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day!, 500 Vegan Recipes, The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions, and Hearty Vegan Meals. She is the founder of the blog Have Cake, Will Travel (havecakewilltravel.com). She lives in California.

Tamasin Noyes, a long time vegan, grew up in a meat- and-potatoes family. After years of cookbook testing, Tami was honored to become an author herself. With Celine Steen, Tami has written Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day! and the Whole Grain Vegan Baking Book. Tami's solo works include American Vegan Kitchen  and Grills Gone Vegan. Keep up with Tami at her blog (veganappetite.com). 
In an effort to quit a serious sugar/white flour addiction, I purchased the book Whole Grain Vegan Baking. OMG! Did I ever choose the perfect cookbook! I, myself, am not a vegan, but have been eating a vegetarian diet for over 36 years. The recipes in this book are fantastic. I am so impressed with the results of every recipe I have tried. Being a professionally trained pastry chef, I do know a thing or two about traditional baking, but am not very knowledgeable about whole grain flours and natural sweeteners. I am so grateful to Celine and Tami for creating these amazing recipes. I've only had the book for a week and a few days. So far I've made Toasted Garlic and Herb Bread, Coconut Spice Granola, Whole Wheat Peanut Blondies, Spelt and Barley Lemon Cookie Bites and Better with Beans Brownies. Let me tell you, those brownies really are better with beans! Normally, in an effort to get rid of the sweet treats I made in the past, I would bake on the weekend and bring the left overs to work for my co-workers. I'll be honest, I couldn't part with the brownies today. I kept them home for my partner and I to enjoy. With no guilt because these are actually good for us!!!!-Patricia Tolbert
I have made quite a few recipes from this book and none have disappointed me. I had been looking for a good whole grain hamburger bun recipe for a long time that wasn't too heavy. I don't like to use any white flour in my baking. The recipe in this book is tender and perfect! The peanut and banana muffins are a favorite too. I'm sure I will be finding many more favorites as I bake my way through this book. I don't often give 5 stars to any book but this one is great. I would recommend it to others who like to use whole grains in baking.-Glenda George 
I'm not vegan, but I love this cookbook. I've always had to make a lot of modifications to conventional recipes to incorporate whole grains and use less sugar, all with varying success. This cookbook is great because it uses all different kinds of grains--usually combined with whole wheat, but still using much less of it. It uses barley, rice, oat, spelt, rye and flax. The authors have devised ingenious, nutritious ways to decrease the sweetener (for example almond meal for half of the sugar topping on a streusel cupcake). We've made changes to the recipes based on our own taste, but we've found that the texture is always spot on. I'm so excited! To be able to open a book and bake something nutritious (even desserts), knowing that it will turn out the first time is awesome!-Sarah 

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