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The Modern Cheese Maker

The contemporary cheesemaker suggests you a way to make 18 cheeses, from the rich and gooey, to the wonderfully stinky, and all of the cheeseboard favourites – together with easy, fresh cheeses inclusive of mozzarella and ricotta, working up to salty and flexible halloumi, feta and paneer, ideal, melting swiss cheese, through to elderly cheddar and brie. 

Starting from the very basics of the making manner, with a guide to take advantage of sorts and the seasonal nature of cheese, the present day cheesemaker will deepen your expertise of this important factor and its manufacturing. 

The device you may want is very well explained and with no trouble to be had and by following the clean-to-use instructions and morgan mcglynn’s expert guidelines, you’ll quickly learn how to emerge as your personal artisan cheesemaker. to acquire the rewards of your tough paintings, there are over 40 recipes for scrumptious cheese-based totally dishes to make, along side flavouring cheese and cautioned accompaniments.

About The Author :
Morgan mcglynn is the owner of cheeses of muswell hill, an award-winning unbiased cheese store in north london. at age 21 she was britain’s youngest girl cheesemonger and she is the resident cheese professional on channel 4’s sunday brunch, with latest appearances contributing to the programme’s highest-ever social media interaction. she is likewise cheese representative for leading stores and  in 2017 launched her cheese wholesale enterprise which now stocks some of the United Kingdom’s satisfactory delicatessens, farm stores, michelin superstar restaurants and cheese shops.
Morgan McGlynn has been a fan of cheese her whole life. In fact, she loves it so much she bought a cheese shop when she was only 21. Working at the store, tasting cheeses, traveling to cheesemakers to stock her shop, she has learned a lot about cheese. She has even started making her own. And now she is sharing all her best cheese secrets with us all in The Modern Cheesemaker. Written with novices in mind, McGlynn takes readers step by step through the process of making cheese, from simple cheese that can be made with ingredients you can probably find in your kitchen to more complicated recipes that take specialty ingredients and can age for months. She includes tips on cheese making equipment (you don’t need much to get started) and ideas on knives and slicers to use to create the ultimate cheese board. In other words, you can put as little or as much effort in as you want, invest a lot or not so much, the options are as numerous as the types of cheeses available. After a quick introduction to the history, basic process, and equipment of cheesemaking, McGlynn gets to the important part—the recipes. First she starts with simple fresh cheeses, like mozzarella, ricotta, burrata, and mascarpone. And along with the recipes to create these cheeses, she includes recipes you can use these cheese for, like Lemon and Raspberry Ricotta Cheesecake, Curd Cheese Dip, and Burrata and Lemon Penne. After the fresh cheeses, she takes us on a tour of cream and soft cheeses, so you can make your own cottage cheese, cream cheese, and Brie. Then it’s on to goat’s cheese, with ideas for creamy and crumbly ones, and recipes like a Courgette (Zucchini) and Goat’s Cheese Tart or Goat’s Cheese and Spinach Filo Swirls. Then things get harder, as both the recipes and the cheese get harder, going through an aging process. You can choose semi-hard cheeses like Paneer, Swiss Cheese, Halloumi, and Feta; or you can go for the hard cheeses, and try your hand at Cheddar, Gouda, or Red Leicester. And then you can go to use those to make Very Naughty Mac and Cheese, a Classic Croque Monsieur, or a Tortellini Bake.-Jill Nicely
Some time ago, I watched a Food Network episode that showed how mozzarella was made. At the time I was into making homemade pizzas where I crafted each part, the dough and the sauce, using techniques that took a lot of time. I remember thinking I should add making my own mozzarella to the mix! If I had had this book then, I would have had no difficulty making my own mozzarella. This beautifully photographed book gives you step-by-step instructions about how to make a variety of cheeses:soft ones like ricotta (two of them!) and burrata, goat cheese, semi-hard cheeses like halloumi, hard cheeses like cheddar, and even blue cheese. The book starts with information about ingredients and equipment needed. For most of the soft cheeses, not much is necessary, while other ones will require cultures and rennet. Not only does she give recipes for the cheeses themselves, but she also offers recipes that use the cheeses. Who could resist a recipe called Very Naughty Mac and Cheese? The photos accompanying these recipes look mouth-watering! Sprinkled throughout the book are sidebar sections featuring what she calls a star cheesemaker. Following the chapters on making the cheeses, there's a section on cheesemongers tips, including flavoring cheeses, wine pairings, and setting up a cheeseboard. She also gives resources to get needed equipment and the other supplies. The book ends with her list of favorite cheeses by country.-Jamie J

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