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The Whole Grain Cookbook

Here are recipes, from the acquainted oat to unusual ancient vegetation, a celebration of the coolest ingesting to be had from complete grains.
grain certainly is the staff of life-tasty, versatile, and particularly nutritious. in the whole grain cookbook, a. d. livingston brings his encyclopedic information of worldwide cuisines to endure on the wonderfully various opportunities offered through grains. these genuine, eclectic, homespun recipes display the numerous grains at their fine, whether on their own or cooked with meats and veggies. rediscover the goodness of barley, oats, corn, and wheat in recipes for turkish barley and yogurt soup, oat museli and scones, and corn pozole. experience the remarkable flavors of newly to be had historic grains inclusive of amaranth and quinoa, first grown through the aztecs and incas, and revel in the delicious flavor of millet, a middle japanese staple for the reason that prebiblical instances.

This delightfully inclusive cookbook additionally has tempting recipes for chickpeas, buckwheat, spelt, nuts, seeds-and even acorns.

Additionally included is facts on in which to shop for whole grain, how to save it, and how to grind your own meal and flour with a home milling device (as with espresso and pepper, freshly floor grains are more flavorful, and inexpensive, than save-offered). appetizing, informative, and clear-cut,

The entire grain cookbook is a resource you may flip to over and over.

About the Author
A. D. Livingston is the author of more than a dozen cookbooks, including Sausage, On the Grill, and Cast-Iron Cooking. He writes a regular column for Gray's Sporting Journal.
Excellent book full of easy to follow recipes. Highly recommend it.-Lee
More than just a cook book. It is a book to be referred to often and one you can learn so much from. Well written. It provides a wide variety of grains plus ways to use them. A great read.-bookworm 
Many folks know that eating whole grains is better than eating the processed stuff you get at the grocery story. The problem is, there are relatively few cookbooks for using some of the more "exotic" grains. This cookbook gives you recipes for more than 20 different grains, seeds and nuts. The recipes go way beyond bread, and encompass the globe. You'll find things like Millet Soufflé, Duck Soup with Barley, Sopa de Avena (Oatmeal Soup), and Gingersnaps (made with whole berry wheat flour). Most of the ingredients are easily obtainable, especially if you have access to a good health food store. The author does a fair job of giving lots of sources for buying some of the less common grains. Websites would be helpful, but I can understand why he would not include them (since web addresses change all the time). A bit of time spent online can put you in contact with any number of suppliers. I would have appreciated more time spent on the section for grinding your own grain. There are a number of home grain mills on the market, and it would have been nice if he had taken some time and discussed the pros and cons of various mills. While cooking with whole grains is part of a healthier lifestyle, this is not a health-food cookbook, nor is it vegetarian. There are meatless recipes, and there are low-fat recipes, but that isn't the point of this book. Livingston is introducing the reader to a vast array of grains and ways to prepare them. Since the recipes aren't any more difficult to prepare than recipes from any average cookbook, the hardest thing will be finding the grains; head to your local health food store. Even some large supermarkets are stocking small packages of whole grains in their health food/organic aisles.-Wendy A.B

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download the whole grain cookbook

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