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download cooking ebook Acai Super Berry Cookbook
Acai Super Berry Cookbook
Writer melissa petitto, rd, offers over 55 healthy and delicious recipes—followed by splendid coloration pictures—that include the brazilian superfruit acai in tasty and unexpected ways.

Jam-packed with nutrients and antioxidants, and additionally low in sugar, the acai berry is the crucial superfood. ingesting acai berries may assist improve levels of cholesterol, stop cancer cells from forming and spreading, and improve memory and different brain capabilities.

While acai first won fame as a smoothie factor, and has now become a smoothie bowl essential big name, this splendid berry may be utilized in countless ways. after an informative introduction about the acai berry, where to locate it, and the way to prepare it, locate energizing smoothie and smoothie bowl recipes, accompanied by new acai takes, along with electricity bars, cakes, popsicles, brownies, and even fudge!

About the author
Melissa Petitto, RD, was raised around an eclectic collection of food in Birmingham, Alabama. With two seemingly diverse cultures that center life around the kitchen, Petitto gained an early appreciation for food and its impact on a person’s life. Attending Johnson & Wales University, Melissa Petitto was afforded the opportunities of working for The Governor’s House Inn as the bed and breakfast chef and at Cooking Light magazine in the test kitchen. To enhance her skills and opportunities, she furthered her education at Emory University Hospitals with a dietetic internship. Upon passing her registered dietician’s exam, Petitto made the move to New York City to pursue her career goal of becoming a personal chef.

After twelve years in the city, Petitto recently made the move west, now calling Santa Barbara, California, home, and became the personal chef she had envisioned herself to be with an A-list clientele. In recent years, she has traveled to teach cooking classes and works at the Hilton Head Health Institute, a premier weight loss spa, where she lectures, presents food demonstrations, and consults with individual clients in attendance in addition to traveling to York, Maine, to teach classes at the well-known Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School.

Petitto is the author of Acai Super Berry Cookbook, An Apple A Day, 30 Minute Paleo Meals, and Red Hot Sriracha. She collaborated with Hilaria Baldwin on The Living Clearly Method. Whether cooking dinner for an individual client or a dinner party of twenty-five, Melissa Petitto, exudes the passion she feels for nutritious food and its role in a family’s life.

Acai is a delicious addition to healthful meals and this gorgeous cookbook features 55+ scrumptious recipes using the Brazilian superfruit in an array of ways — smoothies and smoothie bowls, energy bars and muffins, even brownies and fudge and popsicles. Think I’ll start with the dark chocolate, acai and coffee smoothie. What goodness! 5/5-Soiree
Download Cooking Ebook Acai Super Berry Cookbook | 53 Mb | 128 Pages | PDF | 2019
download ebook acai super berry cookbook
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