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download ebook Big Food Big Love: Down-Home Southern Cooking Full of Heart from Seattle's Wandering Goose
Big Food Big Love: Down-Home Southern Cooking Full of Heart from Seattle's Wandering Goose
Whilst heather earnhardt opened her tiny, magical café, the wandering goose, in seattle, she infused a touch southern comfort into the coronary heart of a city that’s skies are regularly grey. her uniqueness is biscuits, slathered with butter and selfmade jam, piled high with fried fowl and bread-and-butter pickles, or united states ham and an over-easy egg. in massive food big love, this “purple-dust woman” shares testimonies from her early life in the south and a hundred thirty recipes that include a satisfying blend of nostalgic and traditional southern favorites. served up with a facet of southern charm, that is sincerely properly and unfussy meals that’s supposed to be eaten with circle of relatives and pals.

About the Author
Born in North Carolina, Heather Earnhardt grew up with thick red dirt on her toes and food, food, and more food. Heather owns The Wandering Goose café and lives in Seattle with her husband and five children.
"Filled with heartwarming and personal stories, Heather Earnhardt expresses pride in her Southern roots through Big Food Big Love. Her recipes and witty stories are a celebration of Southern hospitality, local ingredients, and good cooking." —Chef Emeril Lagasse
 "Heather calls her Southern-inflected food messy and loud. Try cooking a meal out of the book—from a platter of crispy hush puppies fried in a cast-iron skillet to a towering layer cake oozing with coconut frosting—and then squeeze everyone you care for around your table. Boisterous conversation, laughter, and memory-making festivities will ensue. Big Food Big Love indeed." —Tom Douglas, chef/restaurateur
"Big Food Big Love is more than a cookbook—Heather Earnhardt takes us on a journey into a way of life, featuring soulful recipes from The Wandering Goose matched with utterly delectable photos and interwoven with stories of people, places, and growing up in the South. Reading it makes me want to be in her world, live it, and cook every recipe in it, from simple biscuits and all the variations to classic American condiment staples—and of course the fantastic Brownstone Front Cake."—Pichet Ong, chef consultant and author of The Sweet Spot
Download Cooking Ebook Big Food Big Love | 193 Mb | Pages 304 | EPUB | 2016 
download ebook Big Food Big Love
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