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download ebook Momofuku Milk Bar: A Cookbook
Momofuku Milk Bar: A Cookbook 
The noticeably anticipated complement to the big apple instances bestselling momofuku cookbook, momofuku milk bar reveals the recipes for the modern, addictive cookies, pies, cakes, ice creams, and greater from the wildly famous milk bar bakery.

Momofuku milk bar shares the recipes for christina tosi’s awesome cakes—the now-legendary riffs on youth flavors and down-home classics (all basically derived from ten mom recipes)—along side the compelling narrative of the not going beginnings of this quirky bakery’s achievement. it all commenced one day while momofuku founder david chang requested christina to make a dessert for dinner that night time. much like that, the pastry application at momofuku started out.

Christina’s playful cakes, which includes the compost cookie, a chunky chocolate-chip cookie studded with crunchy salty pretzels and coffee grounds; the crack pie, a sugary-buttery confection as craveable because the name implies; the cereal milk ice cream, crafted from anyone’s favourite part of a nutritious breakfast—the milk at the lowest of a bowl of cereal; and the smooth layer cakes that forgo fancy frosting in prefer of unfinished edges that trace on the yumminess interior helped the restaurants earn praise from the big apple instances and the michelin manual and led to the outlet of milk bar, which now attracts lovers from around the usa and the sector.

With all of the recipes for the bakery’s most liked cakes—in conjunction with ones for savory baked items that take a web page from chang’s asian-flavored delicacies, which include kimchi croissants with blue cheese—and 100 colour snap shots, momofuku milk bar makes baking impossible to resist off-beat treats at home both foolproof and fun.

About The Author : 
Christina Tosi is the two-time James Beard Award-winning chef and owner of Milk Bar. Known for baking outside of the lines and turning dessert on its head, Christina founded Milk Bar in 2008, with locations now in New York City, Toronto, Washington DC, Las Vegas, with a Los Angeles location coming soon. Christina has been a judge on Fox's MasterChef series, and was featured on the hit Netflix docu-series, Chef's Table: Pastry. She is also the author of two additional cookbooks, Momofuku Milk Bar (2011) and Milk Bar Life (2015).
I’ve been on a baking rampage since I got this book. I read it cover-to-cover & I’ve made 8 recipes so far. I normally don’t bother reviewing stuff (I know, I know..) but the negative reviews of this book are so ridiculous. People negatively reviewed because the recipes are too complicated & require special ingredients that cost money? What do you expect?! I’m sure happy Christina didn’t “dumb down” her recipes for this book. If you want a cheap easy recipe, go on Pinterest or buy a box of Betty Crocker… I want to be able to make the authentic desserts from Milk Bar, even if it means I have to buy a $12 roll of acetate and some fancy cake flour. If that’s how they do it at Milk bar, that’s what I want to attempt at home. I love how there are lots of textures in all of Christina’s recipes & great depth of flavor, not just sweet. I love how unusual and unique the recipes are – no boring snickerdoodles or devil’s food cake. I made the birthday cake & cereal milk ice cream for Father’s Day & what a hit! The cake seemed a little intimidating with 4 different components (the cake, the cake soak, the frosting, the cake crumb) but making it was very simple and not time-consuming as I envisioned. The cake is inspired by the funfetti cake mix but funfetti has nothing on this cake! This is my favorite cake I’ve ever had. No words describe how amazing it is & how impressive you’ll look showing up with a cake like this. It wasn’t even difficult to assemble. The cereal milk ice cream was very unusual but very delicious. Although the finished recipes have a lot of components, every recipe is explained so clearly that they’re practically fool-proof. To those negatively reviewing because your cookies didn’t come out: I seriously doubt you followed instructions. I’ve made 2 different batches of cookies (blueberry and cream cookies & confetti cookies) & both turned out AMAZING. Did you follow her instructions & use King Arthur bread flour? Mix the fats for 10 minutes until it wasn’t streaky? Refrigerate for at least an hour and go straight into the oven? I had zero issues following the clearly-explained methods. Every recipe I’ve made so far has turned out amazingly well & I look forward to working through the entire book.-Roxanne White
I love this cookbook so much! With 1 exception (it was my own mistake), every single thing I have made has turned out amazing. I'm seriously blowing the minds of all my friends. They always ask for the recipes when I make something from the cookbook and I've even started giving the cookbooks as gifts. It is very important, however, that you read through the section where Tosi describes the ingredients and the techniques. I am guessing that most people who have had problems with the recipes did not do this. I made several batches of cookies before I realized what she calls "flour" is actually BREAD flour. The cookies with regular flour still turned out great, but they were very thin and crunchy. This did not stop a single person from going to town on them though. Then I started using bread flour and everything came together. The cookies do not spread like crazy, they are crisped on the outside but chewy and soft in the middle.-KEB
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 Momofuku Milk Bar: A Cookbook
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