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download ebook The Art of the Chocolatier: From Classic Confections to Sensational Showpieces
The Art of the Chocolatier: From Classic Confections to Sensational Showpieces 
A ought to-have manual to chocolate making and chocolate showpiece layout, from famend confectionery expert ewald notter.

Masking the whole spectrum of chocolate work--from the basics of chocolate making to guidance on advanced showpiece layout and assembly--the artwork of the chocolatier is the maximum whole and comprehensive manual to chocolate making available on the market. the e-book covers simple statistics on ingredients, system, and common techniques in the pastry kitchen, whilst also supplying clear, step-by means of-step instructions on developing small candies and huge-scale chocolate pieces.

That is the suitable e book for pastry college students enrolled in chocolate and confectionery guides, as well as running experts and even extreme domestic confectioners who want to enhance their abilties in superior chocolate paintings.
  • Illustrated step-via-step commands cover all of the necessities of chocolate-making, from tempering and creating ganache and gianduja to the usage of molds, switch sheets, and greater.
  • an entire bankruptcy dedicated to developing a competition piece covers the ins and outs of confectionery opposition, from getting ready for the event and developing a idea to designing and constructing a winning chocolate showpiece.
  • lovely complete-color pix during provide proposal for chocolate décor and showpiece layout, whilst clean how-to photos illustrate key strategies.

The artwork of the chocolatier gives professional-stage coverage of each aspect of the chocolatier's art for students and professionals alike.

The Art of the Chocolatier
becoming a a success chocolatier calls for artistry, talent, and a number of nicely-honed pastry and confectionery competencies. this ebook, from famend chocolatier and pastry chef ewald notter, teaches the ones skills in a stunningly illustrated complete-coloration format and offers a entire training in chocolate work―from fundamental chocolate making to superior showpiece construction.

Notter begins with an in-intensity assessment of chocolate, inclusive of all of the capabilities required for generating muffins, slabbed pralines, and other simple goodies. he then offers the important standards and vital strategies for creating excellent big-scale chocolate showpieces that have interaction the creativeness and pleasure the senses. the book consists of particular descriptions, clean and well-illustrated instructions, step-by using-step explanations of techniques, and professional advice on those and different topics:
  • the fundamentals of chocolate and other elements a records of chocolate, its harvesting and production, couverture, and other confectionery substances including nuts, spices, sugars, and liquors.
  • important gadget all the equipment of the trade, together with home equipment, hand tools, molds, frames, and different candy equipment.
  • chocolate composition and simple strategies along with tempering, dipping, sugar boiling, and caramelizing nuts.
  • simple and advanced methods and recipes such as gianduja, marzipan, ganache, and a broad range of chocolate pralines.
  • adorning techniques using switch sheets, airbrushing, and casting, filling, capping, and finishing molded goodies.
  • chocolate showpiece creation which includes bases and tubes, décor, modeling, painting, piping, developing flora, and meeting of three-dimensional figures.
The art of the chocolatier is the only ebook available on the market that covers the full spectrum of chocolate work, from essential concepts to lovely final merchandise. for pastry students, operating specialists, and critical domestic confectioners who need to enhance their capabilities with chocolate, this is the last manual to the chocolatier's art.

About The Author :
Considered to be a leading expert in and renowned master of modern day confectionery arts, Chef Ewald Notter is also known well known as a competitor and teacher. He has won numerous awards, including National and World Pastry Team Champion and Pastry Chef of the Year. In 2001, he won the gold medal with the US Team at the Coupe du Monde in Lyon, France, receiving the highest score ever recorded in sugarwork: 699 out of 700 points, helping the United States Team achieve its very first Gold Medal. In 2003, Ewald was honored from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences with the 5 Star Diamond award as “One of the Finest Confectionery Chefs of the World." He was also the first pastry professional inducted into the Pastry Art and Design Hall of Fame. Ewald continues to teach and coach internationally, all while publishing highly respected books on his craft. He is also the founder and owner of the Notter School of Pastry Arts in Orlando, Florida- a fabulous destination for both professional and aspiring pastry chefs from around the globe. The school is recognized as one of the world's most prestigious pastry schools, with teaching methods based on the artist-apprentice model practiced in Europe for many centuries.
If you want to know about chocolate, this is the book. Not only is it a physically beautiful book that you open with awe, it's also one of the best books on the subject. From the history of chocolate to the making of chocolate sculptures, this large book has it all. It is well-organized with beautiful photographs, recipes, and instructions. Even if you don't make chocolates, it's a book to keep on your coffee table for all to browse. Mine, however, is going to be well-used! Now, to figure out how to keep the chocolate stains off of it.-Erick Martha
I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. My main point of comparison is Greweling's "Chocolates and Confections" book. Mind you, they aren't exactly the same, as Notter's book only covers chocolate and not confections, but I'm going to compare Notter's book to Greweling's chocolate section. When I was first looking for a chocolate book, I bought Greweling's book. But I was unsatisfied and found that Notter's book was the one I was looking for as someone who's worked briefly in the pastry arts. Notter's book is more concise, and in a good way (at least to me!). Greweling is very detailed and a little too textbook like. I preferred Notter because he was able to get to the practical point without taking up 5 pages. In some cases, the technical details can help you troubleshoot, but I think that Notter still provides the meat and bones to let you do this. As for technique, I find that Notter wins hands down. He has extremely useful tips that I haven't read anywhere else--tips for working cleanly, common problems, etc. There are also much more detailed instructions and guidelines to using cocoa butter and making other decorations than in Notter's book. Finally, the recipes. For whatever reason, I just plain didn't find many of the recipes in Greweling's book very appealing. There were maybe one or two recipes that I wanted to try. On the other hand, there were several in Notter's book that I immediately bookmarked. I guess it's just my taste profile. I tried a few of Greweling's recipes and found them just so-so.The chocolate showpiece section is also very useful and well laid-out though it wasn't really a reason I bought the book.-JYC
Download Cooking Ebook The Art of the Chocolatier: From Classic Confections to Sensational Showpieces | 24 Mb |  Pages 416 | PDF | 2011
The Art of the Chocolatier: From Classic Confections to Sensational Showpieces
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