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download ebook Whiskey: A Tasting Course: A new way to Think and Drink Whiskey
Whiskey: A Tasting Course: A new way to Think and Drink Whiskey
The first-rate - and most enjoyable - way to discover approximately whiskies is by using ingesting them. this definitely palms-on manual takes you on a tasting journey to discover your own non-public whiskey fashion, and helps you to extend your horizons so you can discover a world of recent whiskies to experience.

Via a sequence of guided at-home tastings, you'll get acquainted with the total spectrum of whiskey aromas and flavours on provide - from the smokey tang of islay peat to the fragrant heady scent of eastern oak. find out a way to engage all of your senses to navigate the variety of malts, grains and mixed whiskies and familiarize yourself with one of a kind whiskey styles. take a tasting tour of the arena's best makers, which includes iconic scottish distilleries and the small-scale artisan producers all over the globe.

And as you become greater whisky-confident, you could get away of your whisky comfort area. do you love the honeyed sweetness of a kentucky bourbon? if so, why not strive a clean malt it really is been elderly in ex-bourbon barrels? or a creamy, oat-infused irish craft whiskey?

Publications to whiskey prices and a while will assist you to make smart buys. discover the way to pour, store and serve whiskies and suit them with foods. discover ways to blend cocktails, from a classic whiskey bitter in your own signature creation.

With 20 step-by way of-step whiskey tastings, clean infographics and jargon-busting recommendation - flavor your manner to whiskey information.

About the Author
Eddie Ludlow is a Keeper of the Quaich and the founder of The Whisky Lounge, the biggest provider of whiskey events in the UK. Based in York, The Whisky Lounge runs tastings, events, ​festivals, and schools across the UK and beyond, with an aim to "entertain, educate, and continuously delight." Their UK events attracted 33,000 visitors in 2017.
Eddie describes himself as a Whiskey Evangelist and endeavors to break down barriers, myths, and legends while promoting the understanding that whiskey is a historical and iconic product of almost alchemic origins.
Having worked in various parts of the industry, including for Ardbeg and Glenmorangie, and Oddbins, Eddie has possibly brought more whiskey to more people and parts of the UK than anyone else. Eddie has been an IWSC whiskey judge since 2008. This is his first book. ​

Download Cooking Ebook Whiskey: A Tasting Course: A new way to Think and Drink Whiskey | 50 Mb | Pages 224 | PDF | 2019
download Whiskey: A Tasting Course: A new way to Think and Drink Whiskey
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