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Wild Bread: Sourdough Reinvented 
Is the arena equipped to reconsider bread making?

maryjane butters thinks so. wild bread completely reinvents the concept of healthier-for-you, clearly fermented sourdough.

Till now, sourdough was perceived as too much paintings and bitter-tasting, artisan-style-handiest loaves. in wild bread, her brief and easy 1 minute 2x/day method demonstrates the usage of 8 distinctive sorts of flours for each bread featured―everything from gluten-free brown-rice flour to quinoa to not unusual white to heirloom complete wheat―for a whopping 295 recipes and 475 snap shots.

Using her step-with the aid of-step approach, each fashion of bread possible, which include gluten-unfastened, will loft with wild abandon without the purchase of a single packet of no longer-so-healthy, save-bought yeast. in nutritionally superior wild-yeast bread, fermentation triggers the discharge of vital vitamins and breaks down carbohydrates. in maryjane’s world, there’s no such element as too much bread due to the fact as soon as you convert to sluggish-upward push wild-bread making, that bagel you’ve been considering is extra like a nutrition pill than a source of “carb-loaded” guilt.

Training gleaned from maryjane butters’ various pioneering history, from carpenter to dairy owner to former wilderness ranger became natural farmer, led her finally to stewardship of the four-tale, historical barron flour mill. it was simplest herbal that her years spent residing on far off forest service fireplace-watch towers with most effective a living, breathing sourdough “mom” for companionship could lead her to write down a pioneering wild-yeast bread e-book. she is the author of 8 books; editor of maryjanesfarm magazine, now in its 18th 12 months of publication; and lives on an natural farm in idaho. two of her grown youngsters and their spouses are employed complete-time at her farm and she or he is “nanny” to 1/2 a dozen grandchildren.
About the Author
MaryJane Butters publishes MaryJanesFarm magazine, runs a successful organic farm, and manages several product lines. She is also the author of several books and lives in Idaho.
All you need is water, flour and air to create you own "Mother." Step-by-step instructions using many different flours. Mary Jane has done a great job in photos, history and testing of her recipes. The only think I find distracting is the use of several fonts —making it difficult to read. When it comes to fonts, more is not better. Artistically this is lovely to look at, and the recipes are great.-Gini Mapes
I used to have a starter but the instructions said to "dump" or use 3/4c a day... this was just too much to deal with or waste. Maryjane's method is far superior. There are recipes to use the excess starter and methods to maintain the starter in the refrigerator and take it out when needed. No more crazy waste. Clear instructions and beautiful pictures for several types of grain, including gluten free. The pizza crust was great, pancakes also great. My batter bread was meh, but I intend to do a Batard this weekend, or English muffins. Thank you Maryjane! I love creating healthy homebaked goodies.-RK
This book has opened up a whole new world of sourdough breads, especially the gluten free versions. I love the rice sourdough and I mix it with Namaste Perfect Blend flour for outstanding gluten-free bread. PLUS my body can’t tolerate commercial yeast products but has no problems with this natural sourdough!-Julia H 
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