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download cookbook Hand Made Baking: Recipes to Warm the Heart
Hand Made Baking: Recipes to Warm the Heart
Kamran Siddiqi, the talented young blogger behind the subtle Gourmet, delivers simple yet sophisticated recipes in his first book--a collection of quite 75 of his favorite homemade baked sweets. Designed to entice young bakers together with his infectious passion for baking (and sugar altogether its glorious forms), the pages are crammed with classic favorites like Cream Scones and cake , also as lesser-known indulgences like Arabian Nights' Entertainment Baklava and Pistachio Polvorones. together with his trademark clear-cut instructions and glorious photographs of every and each treat, handcrafted Baking is ideal for aspiring home cooks with an eye fixed for the elevated taste and wonder of all things handcrafted .

About the Author
Kamran Siddiqi is a food writer, recipe developer, and food photographer. He blogs at The Sophisticated Gourmet and lives in New Jersey.
This is a fantastic baking book and I say that as someone who has been baking for over thirty-five years. I bought it for the bagel recipe and I have made many of the other recipes in the book. The pie-dough recipe is simple and has not failed me yet. The steps are clearly outlined, the photos are artistic yet simple, and the 'voice' of the author can be heard throughout as he tells us why he makes certain recipes, or whom they remind him of. Love this book, so glad I found it. And by the way, the Dutch Baby recipe is fool-proof. It comes out of the oven, every time, like a spectacular crown. Made a quick fresh cranberry compote to go with it and my hubby of twenty years looked at me in awe and said, "Can I marry you again?"-Tigger
Great recipes! I really love these recipes, I’m from New York and apparently the author must be too because He talks about NY quite a bit. The crumb cake recipe made me cry ( literally) because it reminded me of my dad and how he would buy crumb cake for us when we were little. He was from Brooklyn, and the author states that this recipe and crumb cake were born and bred in Brooklyn .So funny how food can bring back memories that are special like this. For that recipe alone this book is worth it for me. -T. Lyons
A friend recommended this cookbook and I'm hooked! I just got it and I've made three recipes from it so far this week - Dutch Baby Pancake, Strawberry Crumble and Granola. All delicious and a big hit with the family. The cookbook itself it so appealing to touch and page through. I love the heavy cover and pages inside. The photography is lovely. Love this!-E3 

Download Cooking Ebook Hand Made Baking: Recipes to Warm the Heart | 43 Mb | Pages 211 | PDF | 2014 

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