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download cookbook Maangchi's Real Korean Cooking: Authentic Dishes for the Home Cook
Maangchi's Real Korean Cooking: Authentic Dishes for the Home Cook
A complete course on Korean cuisine for the house cook by the YouTube star and therefore the world's foremost authority on Korean cooking
Her many fans compare her to Julia Child. an online sensation, Maangchi has won the admiration of home cooks and chefs alike together with her trademark combination of excellent technique and good cheer as she demonstrates the vast and delicious cuisine of Korea. In Maangchi’s Real Korean Cooking, she shows the way to cook all the country’s best dishes, from few-ingredient dishes (Spicy Napa Cabbage) to those made familiar by Korean restaurants (L.A. Galbi, Bulgogi, Korean Fried Chicken) to homey one-pots like Bibimbap.
For beginners, there are dishes like Spicy Beef and petite marmite and Seafood Scallion Pancake. Maangchi includes an entire chapter of quick, spicy, sour kimchis and quick pickles also . Banchan, or side dishes (Steamed Eggplant, Pan-Fried Tofu with Spicy Seasoning Sauce, and refreshing Cold Cucumber Soup) are mainstays of the Korean table and may comprise a meal.
With her step-by-step photos—800 in all—Maangchi makes every dish a snap. A full glossary, complete with photos, explains ingredients. Throughout, Maangchi suggests substitutions where appropriate and provides tips supported her readers’ questions.
About the Author
MAANGCHI ("Hammer" in Korean) was born and raised in South Korea, where she learned the fundamentals of home cooking from her relatives. A former counselor for victims of domestic violence and movie extra, she is the founder-owner of maangchi.com, the top online destination for Korean cooking. She also has her own YouTube channel. She lives in New York City.
I got this book to better understand my boyfriend's culture. He's been complaining about the lack of good Korean food in our town. After he visited his mom in Seoul (and had her amazing cooking), I decided that it might be nice to cook for him. But there's a problem: I'm terrible at cooking. Just terrible. I need pictures, love, and encouragement to actually cook an edible meal. This cookbook provides it all. Maangchi uses great photos, crystal-clear instructions, and an introductory guide to the Korean pantry as the perfect recipe to teach anyone (including clueless cooks like me) how to make delicious Korean food.-M.k
I’ve made so many of these recipes that I couldn’t even think about picking a favorite. Before Maangchi, I’d never tried Korean cuisine. Now it’s a part of my everyday life. If you’re tired of the same old hamburgers and spaghetti and grilled chicken breasts, pick up this book and prepare to have your culinary mind blown. I’d recommend starting with the Fire Chicken. -Derick
I'm so glad I bought this. It is big, sturdy, with thick pages, and so many color photos. Maangchi walks you step by step through the recipes. The index in the back is helpful if you know you are looking for a recipe with perilla leaves, for example. I also love how she dedicates a portion of the book to talking about the right equipment, pantry staples, etc. A lot of it is what is on her website, but I'm ok with that. I also love how she has a little bio piece in the front. She gives helpful tips, etc. From basics like cooking white sticky rice to scarier things (for me) like squid, it's all there. -Eddie Black

Download Cooking Ebook Maangchi's Real Korean Cooking: Authentic Dishes for the Home Cook | 43 Mb | Pages 429 | EPUB | 2015

Maangchi's Real Korean Cooking
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