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Modern French Pastry: Innovative Techniques, Tools and Design
Modern French Pastry: Innovative Techniques, Tools and Design
Modern French pastry isn't a cookbook about the classics. you'll find no tart tatins, lemon tarts or opera cakes inthis book. Instead, Modern French pastry gives you 41 original recipesnever seen before, in an array of shapes, colors, flavors and sizes.

Pix Pâtisserie award-winning chef and owner, Cheryl Wakerhauser (a.k.a.Pix), is understood for combining bold flavors and textures into stunning,edible packages sold at her Portland, Ore. dessert oasis. Now, sheshares her techniques, flavor combinations and kooky design (alongwith a couple of parlor tricks!) in her acutely instructional cookbook, Modern French pastry . Amazing looking and tasting desserts so explicablyexplained it'll be a tossup on who is more impressed - you or yourguests!

French pastry may be a study in components. Cheryl breakseach recipe down into easy to follow subrecipes which will be done inadvance for convenience and even interchanged with other recipes tocreate your own signature dessert. Instructions for traditional Frenchpastry recipes like pâte á choux, tart doughs and meringues arecombined with modern flavors and style . bleu Truffles anyone? AMoment of Zen takes the fruit tart to a replacement level with the addition ofcrème de cassis, blackberry coulis and raspberry mousse. And theéclairs? Cheryl fills them with Bourbon pastry cream and tops them withcherry jam. Think the dessert version of the Manhattan. For the adultice cream social, there is a Beer Float recipe complete with caramelizedmalted barley dipped in chocolate. Simplify your life with instructional "Parlor Tricks" - cook lemon cheese , temper chocolate and prepare pastrycream beat the microwave in minutes! Cheryl isn't only a pastry chefextraordinaire but an educator also , offering the how's and why's toeach recipe. 

Cheryl trained with MOF Philippe URRACA, aprestigious patisserie located in southern France. She has been featured in Thuries Gastronomie, Vogue, Le Journal du Patissier, World of FineWine, NYT Magazine, Food Network Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, USAToday and Bon Appéti

About the Author
Cheryl Wakerhauser is the executive chef and owner of Pix Patisserie and trained with MOF Philippe URRACA, a prestigious patisserie located in southern France. She has been featured in World of Fine Wine, Delta Sky Magazine, Thrillist Portland, Food Network Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Bon Appetit. She lives in Portland, OR.
This is the cookbook I've been waiting for! Aimed at the passionate amateur, readers wanting to perfectly recreate the recipes with all their components will need a very well equipped kitchen(scale, stand mixer, food processor, candy thermometer, etc) as well as a good number of pricey silicone molds. That being said, this book is gorgeous and incredibly inspiring. The "parlor tricks"(insider tips, such as using your microwave for pastry cream and chocolate tempering) alone make the book worth buying. The aesthetic is french rigor combined with a colorful, playful Portland hipster sensibility, and it totally works.-Amy Rogers
I love how detailed and easy to follow the instructions are. I’ve been to Pix in Portland several times and I can’t wait to take this book on and elevate my pastry game.-Jayne Anhika 
This book is lovely and full of good recipes. I bought it for my pastry chef partner and he loves it. Photography is brilliant, would definitely recommend as it gives the difficultly of each recipes too. -Rebecca Parr

Download Cooking Ebook Modern French Pastry: Innovative Techniques, Tools and Design | 76 Mb | Pages 516 | EPUB | 2017 

Modern French Pastry
Modern French Pastry
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