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At My Table A Celebration of Home Cooking

Nigella Lawson, the universal top of the line writer of such exemplary cookbooks as How to Be a Domestic Goddess and Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food, shares plans of the suppers that she wants to cook for loved ones. 

Warm, consoling, and motivating, Nigella's At My Table: A Celebration of Home Cooking offers an assortment of plans that are easy to get ready, allowing you a chance to upgrade your culinary aptitudes and make an assortment of heavenly dishes―featuring a large group of new fixings to enhance great flavors and tastes. 

From primary courses including Chicken Fricassee, Hake with Bacon, Peas and Cider, and Chili Mint Lamb Cutlets through bright vegetable dishes, for example, Eastern Mediterranean Chopped Salad and Carrots and Fennel with Harissa to treats of Emergency Brownies, Sticky Toffee Pudding, and White Chocolate Cheesecake, Nigella will assist you with presenting exquisite and sweet nourishments for a high end food experience directly from your own kitchen.
Incorporates in excess of 100 shading photos of dishes to spark your interest.
About the Author
Nigella Lawson has written numerous bestselling cookbooks, including the classics How to Eat, How to Be a Domestic Goddess and Simply Nigella.
These books and her many television series such as Nigella Bites, Nigella Feasts, and Nigellissima have made her a household name around the world. She was a mentor on ABC's The Taste, and her books have sold more than eight million copies.
I love this book. But I love everything Nigella does. As always, the food is absolutely divine, and Nigella’s hilarious, but oh so true, tidbits of wisdom are ever present. As an example, maybe you didn’t know that it was a crime to throw out the boiling water you used for garlic mashed potatoes. I didn’t either. Now I do. She uses it as a silky vegetable stock to make pea soup afterwards. I can’t wait to try that! She has a recipe called Subverting the Spiralizer, in which she makes fried shoestring potatoes. I’m cracking up because I just went through a healthy spiralizer book and it inspired me to make mountains of fried onion strings. I doubt that was the author’s intention, and I’m quite tickled that I now think Nigella would support me on that one.-Jennifer Guerrero
My cookbook collection already exceeds 400 books, which means that I have to hold a sharp rein on myself lest I need to clear out yet ANOTHER shelf for more recipes. Most of the time I find ways to hold myself in check... that is, except when another Nigella Lawson cookbook is released. I don't even look at the title; I just click on pre-order. I'm far from alone in liking Nigella's cookbooks. Mostly it's because she writes for my needs: I want yummy food that is so good that I stop talking to focus on eating it, yet I have OTHER things to do so I rarely can spend all afternoon puttering in the kitchen. Plus, Nigella always has a comfortable writing style, with instructions that sound the way your best friend would explain how to do something -- "squishing things together" rather than some formal "mix carefully" wording. At My Table does not disappoint me. It's chock full of a bunch of recipes that I want to make immediately, and several that I know will find their way onto my dinner table. That's despite the fact that many of her recipes are heavy on carbs, which I eschew. I've found more than enough recipes to justify the purchase, and I'm sure you will too.-Esther 
When I first saw Nigella made this Turkish Eggs on tv, I knew I had to make it. There is something about this dish that is so comforting. I couldn’t find the Aleppo pepper but the substitute she suggested in her recipe worked well. I had this with sourdough toast which is a perfect companion to the creamy mix!-Juliana 

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