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Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen: Authentic Recipes for Lomo Saltado, Anticuchos, Tiraditos, Alfajores, and Pisco Cocktails

Making ceviche is not kidding in Lima, and restaurateur Martin Morales has ventured to every part of the length of Peru to locate the best plans. From sizzling grilled anticuchos, superfood quinoa plates of mixed greens, monster corn choclos, succulent saltados and lucuma ice, 'Ceviche' brings the extraordinary and flavorful dishes from Peru to the home kitchen.

About the Author
A cook since the age of 11, Martin Morales was a founding member of Apple iTunes, Disney's youngest ever board member, and has been involved in a number of hospitality and events businesses and brands. He has the backing of industry experts to ensure that the Ceviche brand continues to grow into a global success - Ceviche is producing Britain's first ever pop up restaurant tour, in June and July 2013, and releases vinyl records of Peruvian music through its own record label called Tiger Milk Records. Based in the heart of London's Soho, Ceviche has now become one of London's most loved and talked about restaurants. Ceviche supports www.amantini.org.uk, a charity helping some of the poorest children in Peru, and Martin is a Trustee at Amantani.

In addition to being beautifully produced, the book contains in the front matter a wealth of information about the country and its cuisine. I found all the traditional recipes I wanted, as well as some great 'fusion' recipes that Martin Morales has invented. It was fun just reading it, and even better when I tried the recipes. Of course, the "hook" is that great cover that takes the reader back to a cevichería in Barranco with the white tile walls ( and flies!). Love it.-N. Villaobos
his book is very easy to use and the recipes are delicious. -Paula
I am so excited to have received this cookbook, ''the first major Peruvian cookbook published for a US audience''! Indeed, although my family and I have rather a collection of cookbooks from around the world, this is our first of the cuisine of any country of South America besides Argentina! I was absolutely delighted as I opened this new cookbook. Judging my the cover you may, as I did, assume that there are no colour photographs inside. What a surprise you will have when you open this book with it's cute 'tiled' cover and see the beautiful photos inside! True to Ten Speed Press tradition and quality, almost every recipe has a stunning depiction in color. The book is a great size- full of hundreds of amazing flavor-packed recipes. You are in for a real treat! As I read (yes, I read my cookbooks more enthusiastically than any novel!) you will feel like you are not holding just a cookbook, but that in your hands you have a passport to a vibrant country. I learnt more about Peru in that time than if I had attempted to read a text book on it! This is the kind of cookbook I love. When I consider the recipes in Ceviche, I think ''fresh'', ''colourful'', and ''healthy''. The first two chapters have plenty of fresh fish recipes. (no surprise considering the title, which is the national fish dish of Peru!) There are also chapters on meat, salads and desserts. -Marjov

Download Ebook Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen: Authentic Recipes for Lomo Saltado, Anticuchos, Tiraditos, Alfajores, and Pisco Cocktails | 29 Mb | Pages 152 | EPUB | 2013

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