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Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies by Alice Medrich

With plans sorted out by surface! Flaky, gooey, crunchy, fresh, chewy, stout, dissolve in-your-mouth . . .
Treats are simple, tempting, and fun. However as the honor winning dough puncher Alice Medrich notes, time and again, home cooks stick to the formula on the pack of chocolate chips, when a lot more is conceivable. "Consider the possibility that treats mirrored our cutting edge culinary reasonableness—our soul of experience and enthusiasm for flavors and even our dietary concerns?" Medrich writes in first experience with this milestone treat cookbook, composed by surface, from crunchy to vaporous to stout. An ingrained analyzer and ace controller of fixings, she draws on the world's storeroom of elements for such flavorful riffs on the works of art as breezy meringues studded with cashews and chocolate lumps, palmiers (elephant's ears) made with cardamom and caramel, and rugelach with halvah. Margarine and sugar content is sliced and the flavor diverted up on everything from ginger snaps to chocolate mists. From new twists on great plans including chocolate-chip treats and brownies, to tasty 2-point treats for Weight Watchers, to treats to make with kids, this ace seer of desserts will carry delight to each sweet table.
About the Author
Alice Medrich has won more cookbook-of-the-year awards and best in the dessert and baking category awards than any other author.
She received her formal training at the prestigious École Lenôtre in France and is credited with popularizing chocolate truffles in the United States when she began making and selling them at her influential Berkeley dessert shop, Cocolat. She has devoted much of her career to teaching and sharing her expansive knowledge about baking. Find her on Instagram and Twitter @alicemedrich.
I have tried making the Pebble Beach Fruits....funny name behind a wheat free fruit newton's made with coarsely chopped fruits spiced with either cinnamon, anise or if you want reconstituted with brandy or cognac. But anyway, tried few recipes...and they were fabulous. The family were surprised, then they loved it. This will be 1 baking book you should on your bakery collection. Most of them are sweet cookies,but there are several savory biscuits, others are made of herbs & spices that you don't normally include as a dessert, and others have wheat free versions (her blend is mostly brown rice flour and oats+ xanthan gum to keep it together for structure). The recipes are divided how each are described under textures, ingredients used but don't sacrifice flavors. This book is great for a baker who want to add on their baking arsenal, amateur and pro alike. Different flavors and textures that are great everyday or maybe doing a cookie swap or a baking sale. I am sure will surely cherish these recipes from Alice Medrich.-EPICurean
Took a class from Alice at least 12 years ago and found her to be engaging and her books really show off her know-how. My daughter always requests her chocolate cheesecake for her "birthday cake". It can be found in the 2nd updated edition of Joy of Cooking which Alice helped update. Just made her truffles for Christmas and WOW! she has done it again. I appreciated her finding a way to get the eggs cooked as life has changed these days and raw eggs are not included in my baking any longer. Any one of her books is worth the price..........go for it!-Jazz for Tudie 
I have made 80% of the cookies in this book, without a problem. I have given this book to friends that struggle with making cookies and they are now very proud of the cookies they make. I notice some people that are great bakers and semi profession bakers have difficulty with this book. Her techniques are spelled out in the user's guide. Creaming butter and sugar, at first glance seems like a simple process however there are many different levels and different ways to accomplish this technique. David Leibovitz, Martha Stewart, Julia Child's techniques are similar but slightly different as are most chefs. If you want to get the most out of this book do not ignore the user's guide. The instructions are clear and concise.-Satu Wyevn 

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