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Ocean Greens: Explore the World of Edible Seaweed and Sea Vegetables

A perfectly shot, imaginative manual for eatable ocean growth and ocean vegetables with veggie lover plans—for your wellbeing and the planet's
"One of the world's generally practical and nutritious yields," as indicated by The New Yorker, "kelp could be a marvel food." It's likewise been classified "the new kale" (CNBC) and an "atmosphere warrior" (Atlantic). 

On the front line of food and supportability, ocean growth and ocean vegetables are acceptable both for you and—with the possibility to definitely diminish our carbon impression—for the planet. Presently, Ocean Greens is the across the board manual for the most kitchen-prepared assortments of this noteworthy superfood (flooding with supplements!)— wakame, kombu, agar, samphire, nori, and numerous others. Kelp visionaries Lisette Kreischer (named a "fitfluencer" by Women's Health) and Marcel Schuttelaar share bits of knowledge on the sustenance, taste, and gathering of each—just as 50 overpowering veggie lover plans that will have perusers shouting, "I can't trust it's ocean growth!"
  • Pumpkin and Seaweed Pancakes
  • Polenta Fries with Crunchy Sea Lettuce and Asparagus
  • Kelp Gnocchi with Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes
  • Chocolate Chip and 'Weed Cookies, and that's just the beginning!
About the Author
Lisette Kreischer is the author of seven books on vegan food and cooking, and living an ecofabulous way of life.
She is also the cofounder of the company behind The Dutch Weed Burger, which is the subject of a documentary-length feature filmed in NYC and screened around the world. Kreischer is committed to spreading the word that plant-based food is easy, tasty, and healthy, and belongs in everybody’s diet. She lives in the Netherlands.
I've looked at a few other seaweed cookbooks, and this one is really lovely. The format feel solid and comprehensive, with modern and attractive photos and good info sections on seaweed cultivation, varieties, and other ingredients that tend to pair well with seaweed. The recipes lean toward the hippie, but between the preserves, condiments, and discussions of how to incorporate seaweed into gnocchi or bread, those who want to use seaweed in a more elevated context could take a lot of inspiration from them. I haven't yet made any, though, so I can't make any claims as to how well they work. All of this shouldn't be exceptional, but in my experience niche cookbooks are often sparse in one area or another, reflecting the limitations of the authors within a niche in terms of taste, interest, or ability to write. At least from my seaweed-novice perspective, Ocean Greens offers great foundational coverage of that segment of the food world.-Molly K.
I love this book. It is everything humans need to know about saving lives while getting maximumamount of nutrition with unbelievable healing capacity from disease from nutrient deficienciesto even (heaven forbid) nuclear fall out. I love cooking with sea weed vegetables. They far surpass land vegetables. We just have to be careful not to denature them with human toxic seasoningslike sugar and msg, et al. Treated with sacred care, seaweeds treat our bodies and mind with thesame sacred care we require to keep our minerals in tact and to balance our brains to optimal efficiency and content. Sea weeds, it doesn't get better than this. Come over for dinner tonight. Every thing about this book is wonderful.-Aryana 
I love this book. The recipes are exciting with a twist, and there is a lot of info on seaweeds. If you want a good base knowledge of seaweeds and how to incorporate them in everyday dishes for plant based living, you'll love this book. -JET

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