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Polska: New Polish Cooking

This is a new interpretation of Polish preparing from youthful food author Zuza Zak. The food of Poland has for quite some time been ignored, however everything looks good for a rehash, with an expected 10 million individuals of Polish plummet living in the US. Zuza presents her contemporary interpretation of Polish cooking, with extravagantly shot plans for snacks, party nourishments, soups, jam, breads, fish, meat and poultry, servings of mixed greens, and treats. She puts Polish food inside the setting of the nation's history and geology, and tracks how it has created and adjusted to Poland's ever-changing political and financial circumstance. Polska is a much needed refresher.
About the Author
Zuza Zak grew up in Poland and spent her childhood cooking traditional recipes with her mother in her kitchen, and foraging for seasonal produce with her grandmother in the surrounding Polish countryside.
The recipes in her book have all been passed down by word of mouth from mother to daughter. Zuza now lives in London and is a young food writer and producer for TV's Food Network in the UK. 
This book is absolutely stunning! The author is fantastic at writing and cooking! Photographs are beautiful and the Polish cutting detail across the hardcover is lovely! The book is dense with unique recipes, many which are or can be made vegetarian. You can tell a lot of heart and soul went into this book! I'm a third generation Polish woman living in America, unfortunately very disconnected from my roots. Looking forward to delving into more of my culture via cuisine and dreaming of someday visiting the land my great-grandparents once left behind like so many other immigrants escaping the war. Bought another copy for my babcia who lives out of state. Though she does not cook much these days, she is going to love this surprise!-Raechel Rae
Being Polish I was very pleased with this cook book. It doesn't have old recipes that have been long forgotten in Poland but rather shows the food that Poles eat nowadays and explains how to prepare it with the ingredients that can be found in most US grocery stores. Very good recipes and well written book overall.-Adam
I always look for new Polish cookbooks. I feel there are only few good ones out there. This one definey falls in the "I like it a lot" category. There is a bit of historical, geographical and cultural background given to the food and recipes in the book. There is a combination of traditional colorful peasant food and updated, more contemporary dishes. There might be not necessarily familiar ingredients used in some recipes, but they can be easily found in most grocery stores. The recipes are divided into chapters - Breakfast and Bread, Soups, Meat, Vegetables, Beans and Kaska, Dumplings, Party Food, Cakes and Desserts and Cocktails. Added bonus - throughout the book the food is beautifully photographed.
The book made me feel a bit nostalgic, brought back memories of dishes I have forgotten and made me want to cook some Polish food. Highly recommend this book.-starriver 

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