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Smoke It Like a Texas Pit Master with Your Electric Smoker

Make BBQ as Bold as Texas
Make true Lone Star smokehouse seasons in your own electric smoker with the scrumptious plans in this bit by bit preliminary. Follow the master tips, stunts and insider facts to take your grill to the following level. Stuffed with 70 rousing shading photographs, this flavor-filled cookbook gives all that you have to make every one of the four territorial varieties of Texas grill, including:
East Texas: sweet, tomato-based sauce with hickory
• Saucy Chopped Brisket
• Sticky BBQ Molasses Chicken
Central Texas: spice-rubbed and pecan or oak smoke
• Lemon Garlic Pork Tenderloin
• Peppered Turkey Breast
West Texas: distinct mesquite flavor
• Mesquite Smoked Half-Chickens
• Sweet and Tangy Pork Shoulder
South Texas: Mexican-inspired thick and spicy sauce
• Tex-Mex Baby Back Ribs
• Carne Asada
About the Author
Wendy O’Neal is the creator of the popular food and homemaking blog Around My Family Table and the author of Smoke It Like a Pit Master in Your Electric Smoker.
Her passion for sharing recipes and tips to help families gather around the supper table inspired the beginning of her site in 2009. Her award-winning recipes have been featured on The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, FoxNews.com, MSN.com, Today.com, eHow, Epicurious and many more. Wendy has also competed at the World Food Championships in the Food Blogger Division. Wendy married her high school sweetheart and they live in Phoenix, AZ, with their two children. 
Appealing aesthetics combine with a super-clean layout to offer an easy-to-read guide to bbq with an electric smoker. This guide starts out with an overview of bbq smoking and how one preps and uses an electric smoker. Types of wood chips are also discussed. Then, we get a variety of electric smoker recipes, including prep times, smoke times and how many each serve. What I love about this book is the high resolution pictures (not just of the finished product, but also during the prep process, which I find invaluable to make sure I'm on the right track when I'm cooking from a new recipe!)-Caroline
Is it possible for us to get enough barbecue? I don’t think so! This wonderful book doesn’t get into any barbecue wars on charcoal vs electric, but spells out the virtues of electric and you are on you way with major electric how-tos for perfection. No matter if you have an electric smoker, look at buying one, have one and haven’t been using it much – this book is for you. Features to look for, how to take care of your smoker (cleaning and maintenance), safety, tools you will need and what to do before you barbecue are all included. I have always been confused with all the types of wood chips – this book clears that confusion right up. And then we are ready with excellent recipes for all types of meat, BBQ sauce, rubs, - all the way to desert in your smoker. This book belongs on every BBQ lover shelf!-Peter Gamblin 
BBQ is one of those skills that I want to master, but have been afraid because it sounds so freaking hard. Which is why I'm really enjoying this book. Not only is it a gem of knowledge, but it's an all-encompassing gem of knowledge - O'Neal delves into types of equipment to use, generic and specific tips for cooking meat, how to care for your tools (and yourself!), and adds some history to each recipe region. I like that O'Neal has recipes for all types of meats, and the flavors in her recipes are fairly varied, while staying within the realm of Texas BBQ. Her directions are easy to follow, and most seem fairly easy to make.-Gaby 

Download Ebook Smoke It Like a Texas Pit Master with Your Electric Smoker | 92 Mb | Pages 125 | EPUB | 2018

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