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Strudel, Noodles and Dumplings: The New Taste of German Cooking

A festival of present day German home cooking from Anja Dunk's young family kitchen.Strudel, Noodles and Dumplings is a hotly anticipated restoration of this underserved national cooking, demonstrating that there is a whole other world to German food than Bratwurst and Black Forest gateau.Anja Dunk's German food is delicately spiced, smoky and profoundly exquisite. From plans, for example, entire wheat buttermilk waffles to caraway broil pork and red cabbage, quince and apple slaw, her method of cooking is lively, legitimate, speedy and profoundly interweaved with the seasons and the weather.Featuring more than 200 plans for the ordinary family table, just as for tidbits and extraordinary events, Anja's cook book is a fundamental manual for all the essentials of German food, giving motivation to inviting and encouraging suppers consistently.
A beautiful presented and illustrated book, the information about the dishes are really interesting and the recipes are easy to follow.
Having said that, this book draws me back on another level, as a child I remember my Austrian grandmother making some of these dishes. I have long to reproduce some of them but I was only a child a the time and whilst I remember the cubes of bread soaked in milk to make dumpling, I don't remember the rest. And as for the "Kaisershmarren", eating it for breakfast was pure joy, but I could never replicated for my children on grandchildren. This book and recipes are very much like I remember the food to taste like, they do not seem to be modernised, and whilst not every recipes takes me back, there are quite a few that do. So yes I really recommend this book, it does stand alone for me as a well written and informative book with great recipes.-Leyla
I'm so impressed with this book! I bought it as I liked the design and am interested in German food, but this is so much more. These are approachable, delicious, and most often very straightforward recipes. While there is good hearty German fair with plenty of dumpling suggestions, there is also many more light and quick to prepare fish and vegetable dishes. I'm more or less working my way through this book, a near first for me, but there are so many fantastic things in it. And some of them are so easy! The spiced apple cake is an absolute doddle, but tastes spectacular; the trout with leeks has become a household standard now; and it has even tempted me to attempt my own sourdough (with pretty decent results!). It is also a beautifully presented book.
Really can't fault this one, and is suitable for all abilities (indeed some of the recipes are so quick and easy you think you must have skipped something).-Methil 
Great design and even better recipes: simple and well tested. I'm a rather average baker but every single think I have baked from the book turned out perfect everytime, including a sourdough that I now bake every week!-Nast 

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  1. the ebook is hard to read due to issues with photos that are covering the text in a lot of places

    1. try this epub reader https://adobe.ly/36h6fr8