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The Joys of Baking: Recipes and Stories for a Sweet Life

Preparing One's Way Through a Sweet Life, with Great Recipes
Cooking is a need everybody needs to eat-yet preparing is unique. Nobody needs a chocolaty cake or a scrumptious sweet to endure. That is, until that second when a chocolate cake is actually what you have to endure. 

Creator Samantha Seneviratne accepts that each preparing venture starts with a sparkle a longing, a hankering, a memory, or an inclination and through heating that flash is made genuine. Roused by the get up and go and appeal of the work of art, top of the line cookbook The Joy of Cooking, this cookbook centers around the delights that make up regular daily existence and 75 different ways to heat yourself back up when you have an inclination that you've wound up in a sorry situation. Every section investigates one of five subjects and furnishes plans combined with contacting, entertaining, and astute articles and excellent photographs all through. 
  • Chocolate Cardamom Swirl Babka
  • Apricot Frangipange Phyllo Tart
  • Nectarine Galette with Sour Cherry Jam
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Cake with Bay and Orange
  • Espresso Crème Bundt Cake
For all the cheerful and happy minutes, for each phase of adoration, lovesickness, and everything in the middle of, when you need a snapshot of solace and comfort, there's consistently dessert.
About the Author
Samantha Seneviratne is the author of The New Sugar and Spice, nominated for a 2016 James Beard Award, and Gluten-Free for Good. A frequent contributor to the New York Times and Food52, she has been an editor at Martha Stewart's Everyday Food, Fine Cooking, and Good Housekeeping, and her blog Love, Cake was a finalist at the 2015 Saveur Awards. Sam lives in Brooklyn with her son Artie. 
This cookbook will make you cry. Not for any of the dread reasons you might imagine. Not because you followed the recipe to a tee and your soufflee still sagged or because the pictures are just so beautiful and your upside down cake is just so not. You'll cry because the author has poured her molten heart out into the essays tucked between the recipes, and her stories about family, heartbreak, and friendship are honest and generous and raw. It will be hard to choose from all the delicious-looking, inventive recipes but hooray up and get something in the oven, brew a pot of tea, and then settle down on the couch to read this gorgeous book from cover to cover.-Catherine
In her new cookbook The Joys Of Baking, author Samantha Seneviratne writes inspiring life stories and connects her emotions to creating scrumptious recipes, therefore making it a truly unique cookbook.
Beautifully written, with gorgeous photography and easy to follow recipes with fresh fruit, nuts and other delights of nature, this cookbook is a must have for everyone!
Two of my favorites so far are The Maple Cream Pie and the Rum Raisin Slab Pie. Amazing!!! Perfect for Fall or anytime! I can also read her stories many times over!-Sue S. 
This cookbook/memoir was so delightful to read and to bake from! I made the sweet potato cinnamon buns the first day I got it, and oh my god....incredible. I shared the buns with numerous friends who were still dreaming about them days later. The essays are well written, poignant and vulnerable; I took the book into bed with me and read them all. Do yourself (and your sweets-loving loved ones) a favor, and BUY THIS BOOK!-Rossie S. 

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