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The Little Book of Fika: The Uplifting Daily Ritual of the Swedish Coffee Break

A little book on the Swedish convention of fika—the twice-day by day short breather—including realities, statements, tips, and 20 sweet and flavorful plans.
While the Danish idea of hygge as got on around the world, so has lagom—its Swedish partner. A fundamental piece of the lagom way of life, fika is the basic specialty of taking a break—some of the time two times every day—to appreciate a warm drink and sweet treat with companions. This great blessing book offers a prologue to the convention alongside plans to assist you with setting up your own fika practice.
About the Author
Lynda Balslev is an award winning writer, cookbook author, and recipe developer.
A New England native, Lynda attended Le Cordon Bleu Ecole de Cuisine in Paris and remained in Europe for 15 years, working as a food editor, culinary instructor, and personal chef in Switzerland and Denmark. Lynda currently lives in Northern California where she continues to cook, teach and write about food and travel. 
This book is adorable. Great to use as a gift to go along with coffee. I am Swedish, so we love Fika! This book gives you some very traditional Swedish recipes as well as explain what Fika actually is. It is very small, but is so cute I use it as decor on my bookshelf as well as reference the recipes.-Give Giver
Very cute little book with information about Swedish coffee culture. I found it fun and really enjoyed that they give you recipes. I tried the cardamom coffee and although it wasn't how I like my coffee it was very fun to try. -Katie
This book is one of those tiny books that are great for gift giving. It is really cute and will be perfect in a gift basket. It has fun quotes and information plus some recipes. Really nice.-Ann B. 

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