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The New Sugar & Spice A Recipe for Bolder Baking

A 2016 James Beard Award chosen one including in excess of eighty plans from New York-based food essayist and writer of the famous treat blog Love, Cake. 

Raise your pastries to an unheard of level of flavor with The New Sugar and Spice, an assortment of in excess of eighty novel, surprising, and consistently tasty plans for zest driven desserts. Veteran bread cook Samantha Seneviratne's plans will make you fully aware of a universe of preparing prospects: Her fiery, pepper-spotted Chile-Chocolate Truffles demonstrate that warmth and sweet truly go connected at the hip, and a new bunch of fragrant, cinnamon-bound Maple Sticky Buns will have the entire family hustling into the kitchen. 

Find new plans from around the world, for example, Sri Lankan Love Cake or Swedish-roused Saffron Currant Braid. Or on the other hand, give your great reserves an intense redesign, for example, making Raspberry Shortcakes with zingy Double Ginger Biscuits. Loaded up with intriguing narratives, starting point stories, and inventive uses for the world's most tempting flavors—including vanilla, cinnamon, peppercorns, and cardamom—The New Sugar and Spice ensures that treat will be the most discussed piece of your dinner.
About the Author
SAMANTHA SENEVIRATNE was a food editor at Good Housekeeping, Fine Cooking, and Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food before starting her blog Love, Cake, which was a 2015 finalist for the Saveur Blog Awards. She is also a recipe developer, food stylist, and the author of The New Sugar and Spice and Gluten-Free for Good. She lives in New York City.
I LOVE this recipe book. I typically don't bake or cook much, but I got this book and made the scones at Thanksgiving for my family. I was proud to tell them there was only 1/4 cup sugar in the whole recipe. After they raved about them being the best scones they ever had, I was quite proud and decided to make them on a snow day this November and gave them to my neighbors. Now, they mention the scones every time I see them and I think they think I am an amazing baker :) Fun things to make and you can feel good about giving them to your kids and friends and knowing you aren't giving them boatloads of sugar they will need to work off. Love!-Susan E.
What really drew me to the book was the author’s professional skill but down-to-earth conversational manner of writing. I loved her personal anecdotes about her childhood and earthly adult life in the intro and the beginning of each chapter, and I like how she made tha seemesly flow into a learning experience (such as the difference between Ceylon cinnamon and the other cinnamons). Truly a unique and excellent cookbook.-Nightshade880
Love this book. I'm a seasoned home cook and Baker and what I love about this book is the very unique recipes. The author also gives an easy to read history lesson on where the spices originate from and history of the spice trade. Have prepared several of the recipes and they have all turned out beyond my expectations. -Gigi!

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