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The New Way to Cake: Simple Recipes with Exceptional Flavor

Open an entirely different universe of flavor with Benjamina Ebuehi's mark cakes. Motivated by her excursion to The Great British Bake Off and past, Benjamina's noteworthy plans put flavor at the bleeding edge by letting the star fixings—toasted nuts, fragrant flavors, striking herbs and ready organic product—accomplish all the work. Manifestations like Plum and Black Pepper Cake, Masala-Chai Carrot Cake and Caramelized Plantain Upside-Down Cake are as amazing as they are straightforward. Lovely, insignificant completing contacts have a major effect, featuring the energizing fixings inside. 

These overwhelming treats will flabbergast your loved ones as effectively as they will flavor up your week. Brimming with lovely, existing apart from everything else cakes with extraordinary flavors, The New Way to Cake draws out the best bread cook in everybody.
About the Author
Benjamina Ebuehi appeared on The Great British Bake Off where she impressed judges with her impeccable techniques and creative flavor combinations.
Now she works with the award-winning social enterprise Luminary Bakery, teaches baking workshops, provides food styling and content development services and shares recipes on her blog Carrot & Crumb. She lives in London, England. 
I never do cookbook reviews before having tried a recipe, but I wanted to for this one right away since there are so few reviews (as I’m writing this, there’s only 1) and the description of the book is so short. Hopefully this info will help you make up your mind if you’re considering getting it! I took a chance since I really liked Benjamina on the show, and I’m happy I did. Mike Hines’ review says “The only cake cookbook you’ll ever need” but I have to respectfully disagree. I’d think of it more as an exceptional extra collection of recipes to complement your other cake cookbooks, rather than a replacement. There are no recipes for genoise, vanilla cake, traditional buttercream, Italian meringue, etc., and other standard fare. Instead, this book really does showcase a different cake aesthetic, both in terms of looks and taste. Many of the cakes have no frosting, just a dusting of icing sugar or some sweet crème fraiche on top or nothing at all. They are very modern looking and they also look very “do-able” even for the beginner, unlike some of the extravagant creations featuring difficult layering, piping, and frosting techniques seen in other cake cookbooks (which I also love, btw!).-Morency
One of the most exciting baking books I've bought this year - there are several recipes I can't wait to try, with some absolutely delicious sounding flavour combinations. It's great to read a cookbook on cake without the usual sickly salted caramel/chocolate fudge and tonnes of buttercream icing. Gorgeous photos with very clear instructions, and lovely 'feel' to the book. My colleagues at work will be very in the next few weeks.-Breadandread 
Absolutely adore this book!! I love the fact that there are so many unique recipes that I haven’t seen before and it really goes beyond the standard cakes that we’re all used too. Very flavour forward which I appreciate. The styling is fresh and minimal, there’s not a lot of clutter that distracts from the stunning images. I made the apple, sage and caramel cake which was simple to follow and tasted fantastic.
This book is perfect if you’re genuinely looking for something new and exciting!-Londonbaker 

Download Ebook The New Way to Cake: Simple Recipes with Exceptional Flavor | 138 Mb | Pages 172 | EPUB | 2019 

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