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The Potatopia Cookbook: 77 Recipes Starring the Humble Potato

Latkes. Gnocchi. Aligot. Knishes. Samosas. Munini-imo. Poutine. Potatoes—devoured all around at a pace of around 68 pounds for each capita every year—are the stars of a portion of the world's most darling dishes. Maybe this is the reason the majority of us will in general think little of the modest tuber—it's natural to such an extent that we overlook its full potato potential. 

Enter The Potatopia Cookbook, an assortment of in excess of 75 inventive potato plans from Allen Dikker, the CEO and author of Potatopia, the quick easygoing all-potato cafĂ© that has been highlighted by the New York Times, the Village Voice, and Eater.com, among others. 

While the cookbook incorporates some conventional potato dishes like gnocchi and shepherd's pie, most plans are imaginative manifestations that reconsider the world's most well known vegetable. Ever thought to make lasagna with paper-slender potato cuts rather than noodles? Or on the other hand plan truffles with pureed potatoes? Think that its everything in The Potatopia Cookbook close by point by point portrayals of potato assortments, potato history, and potato readiness and capacity tips. 

If that wasn't already enough to their fame, potatoes are normally sans gluten and—when arranged essentially—nutritious. Alongside being fat-, sodium-, and without cholesterol, potatoes are pressed with nutrients, minerals, and cell reinforcements.
As he did with Potatopia's menu, Dikker features these advantages in the cookbook by concentrating on plans that skirt the fat for keeping it sound. The outcome is a healthy, healthy festival of everything potato.
About the Author
Allen Dikker has launched five successful businesses, including Potatopia, a fast-casual all-potato concept with locations in New Jersey, New York, and Florida. As CEO, Dikker developed Potatopia’s menu of signature potato recipes and sauces. He lives with his family in Manalapan, New Jersey. The Potatopia Cookbook is his first cookbook. 
Bought as a housewarming gift for friends who relocated to Idaho, potato country kind of tongue-in-cheek. But it's really a very interesting word and pictorial history of potatoes. Complete with recipes for appetizers, cocktails, main and side dishes, etc. Never would have thought! Nice size and quality soft cover.-Hawkeye
Bought as a gift for a guy that I liked (we had this running thing about loving all kinds of potatoes and how they are prepared differently, then he friend zoned me), proceeded to make some of the recipes, keep the book, and ghost him. There is no love. Only potato. -Katrina
Amazing recipes
Easy to use and very unique and delicious-Gary 

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