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The Spice Tree The Secret to Amazing Homemade Curries

Gain proficiency with the key to mind boggling custom made curries for National Curry Week.
From the organizer of Mowgli and BBC's Top of the Shops and Recipes That Made Me.
Cook true curries at home with Nisha's 4 basic advances and scrumptious, family plans.
Nisha's infographic zest trees give you which flavors and fixings consistently go together in the Indian kitchen while Nisha's plans for liberal, flavorsome food breath life into the flavor pairings.
'Nisha's book is splendid - staggering plans' Tom Kerridge
About the Author
Liverpudlian child-protection barrister Nisha Katona opened the first Mowgli Street Food in Liverpool in 2014.
There are now 6 Mowgli restaurants around the UK, beloved for their fresh and tasty Indian home cooking (and famous Chip Butties). A familiar face on Lorraine, This Morning and Sunday Brunch, find Nisha at @NishaKatona and @Mowglistfood.
Indian cooking for nerds probably describes this book best. I find it very easy to understand and use. For me, the reason for buying this book was to finally learn which spices and other ingredients to combine and how to treat/cook with them. This book really delivers on those aspects. The recipes inside also look great, however, the most important thing for me is the actual spice flow chart and what to combine how. This way I can try to make up my own recipes without having too much unedible food. Perfect.-Nina H.
Love this book!
If you're looking for a different kind of Indian cook book this is for you. I'm at the stage in my home cooking where I want to understand more about ingredients and how things work together, rather than just follow a recipe with a pretty picture. This book teaches you just that. There are loads of amazing recipes to follow too, which are soo easy. The Butter Chicken is wonderful! Nisha write's in a relaxed and easy to follow manner which I love.-A.J 
This is simply one of the best books on Indian food I've come across. The recipes are excellent and easy to follow and the key idea - that certain ingredients have a variety of spice building blocks you can manipulate to your own tastes - is brilliantly executed. Read the negative review and I think you'll see that the people writing haven't really understood what this book is about. On a final note - if you're looking for less meat in your diet - this is packed with superb recipes which just happen to be meat free. Far better than any vegan/veggie recipe book I've come across.-Rob W. 

Download Ebook The Spice Tree The Secret to Amazing Homemade Curries | 41 Mb | Pages 256 | EPUB | 2018

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