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Acorns & Cattails: A Modern Foraging Cookbook of Forest, Farm & Field

Acorns & Cattails: A Modern Foraging Cookbook of Forest, Farm & Field

The culinary do-it-without anyone's help time is going full speed ahead! Numerous culinary experts and cooks are looking for a more profound association with their food through scrounging, cultivating, and chasing, driving numerous to throw away the goulash for current twists on natural nourishments. 

In Acorns and Cattails, broadly acclaimed gourmet specialist Rob Connoley offers more than one hundred plans including fixings that any home cook can search, develop, or chase. Every formula shares present day flavor and surface pairings that will energize proficient gourmet specialist and home cook the same. The encouraging mesquite chocolate chip treat, the liberal pork paunch poppers, and the haute hackberry bunny paté dispatch natively constructed do-it-without anyone else's help dishes into present day works of art. 

Notwithstanding figuring out how to cook scavenged and cultivated nourishments, perusers will investigate the essentials of wild plant collecting (counting distinguishing proof and moral prescribed procedures) while getting a charge out of hilarious stories from Connoley's long periods of remote social affair. Picture taker Jay Hemphill likewise presents shocking pictures that catch the abundance of North America.
About the Author
Rob Connoley is a James Beard semi-finalist for best southwest chef and is the owner of the Curious Kumquat. He has received acclaim in the New York Times, Saveur magazine, Sunset magazine, and Gastronomica. Connoley farms in the high desert of the Southwestern United States and hunts and forages the world over seeking the greatest ingredients that Earth has to offer. He resides in Silver City, New Mexico.

Jay Hemphill grew up in the Kansas City area and is a graduate of Western New Mexico University, where he earned his BFA in photography. He resides in Silver City, New Mexico. --This text refers to the hardcover edition.
Absolutely gorgeous book! I bought it because I had dinner at the restaurant every time an epicure friend came to our little town and had lunch every Thursday there too. The friends were blown away by the presentation, imagination and flavors.. I wanted a lasting memory of those times. Not only are the phorotgraphs outstanding but the recipes work for me and I get compliments on "my" cuisine (Rob's recipes). His reputation is known through me alone from California to Colorado and beyond. I have friends in St. Louis panting for the new restaurant to open. -K.S. Rossman
Let's get this out of the way: yes, that's my name on the cover as "Contributions by". Why is my name there? Because I love to write and Rob Connoley is the best Chef I have ever encountered in more than a decade as a foodie and restaurant critic. That includes Thomas Keller. That includes David Chang. I could go on. What makes Rob and his cooking interesting, recommendable, and delicious? Integrity; his foundation is integrity. Integrity underlies every single thing he does. On that foundation is laid his curiosity, his talent as a cook, and his love of outdoor places. This means he will go out at 6am to snip some wild herbs for the evening's dinner service: just enough for the dishes, not nearly so much as to disrupt the growth of that patch of foliage. He wants there to be enough, always. -Andrea F. 
This is more than food porn (although it is that too, with gorgeous photography provided by Jay Hemphill), it's an insight into the mind and ethos of a committed professional with a commitment to sustainability and responsible food production. The recipes are exotic, clear and concise - and manageable. I really enjoyed the thoughtful essays on Chef Rob's background, and food team, including foraging experts, a naturalist and his dog, Lexi. I may not cook from this cookbook everyday, but the principles it explores make me think daily about the food I purchase, prepare and consume and its impact on the local, regional and global environment. -R. Williams 

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