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Brown Sugar Kitchen: New-Style, Down-Home Recipes from Sweet West Oakland 

Earthy colored Sugar Kitchen is in excess of an eatery. This spirit food station is a network gathering spot, a spot to fill the paunch, and the thumping heart of West Oakland, a celebrated postindustrial neighborhood over the sound from San Francisco. 

The café is a cordial reference point on a tree-lined turnpike, settled low and cozy close to a salvaged material yard in this Bay Area rust belt. Out front, clients assemble on long seats and spread in the grass, absorbing the daylight, tasting at steaming cups of Oakland-cooked espresso, standing by to catch one of the tables they look through the swinging entryways. Arrangements are done, companions are made; this is a network in real life. Quite expeditiously, they'll get their table, their walnut studded clingy buns, their substantial hash beat with a trembling poached egg. Later in the day, the line develops, and the requests for culinary specialist proprietor Tanya Holland's renowned chicken and waffles or clam po'boy fly. This is when fulfillment shows up. 

Earthy colored Sugar Kitchen, the cookbook, stars 86 plans for re-making the café's top choices at home, from a thick Shrimp Gumbo to observed Macaroni and Cheese to a show-halting Caramel Layer Cake with Brown Butter–Caramel Frosting. What's more, these aren't all keep you going all day plans: Tanya's understandings of soul food star privately developed, occasional produce, as well, in fresh, imaginative servings of mixed greens, for example, Romaine with Spring Vegetables and Cucumber-Buttermilk Dressing and Summer Squash Succotash. Soul-food works of art get a cutting edge turn on account of B-Side BBQ Braised Smoked Tofu with Roasted Eggplant and a side of Roasted Green Beans with Sesame-Seed Dressing. Straight-forward, unfussy yet propelled, these are plans you'll go to over and over.

Rich visual narrating uncovers the food and the individuals that made and make West Oakland what it is today. Earthy colored Sugar Kitchen really catches the sense—and flavor—of this luxuriously finished and scrumptious spot.
About the Author
Tanya Holland is the executive chef and owner of Brown Sugar Kitchen and B-Side BBQ in West Oakland, CA.
Jan Newberry is a food writer and former San Francisco Magazine food and wine editor based in Oakland, CA.
Jody Horton is a food photographer based in Austin, TX.
This book is worth buying for the first 2 recipes that I've tried. We don't live far from the Brown Sugar Kitchen here in Oakland, and love their chicken & waffles. This book has made up for the disappointment we experienced one day when we stopped by to do a Saturday morning pick-up for take out (rushing to the City to take care of some family business)... the BSK does not do take out on their wonderful chicken & waffles. Sigh. The craving has been hanging in the background since. So when I saw the book, I had to buy it. I made the chicken last night. A wonderful recipe, and the first time that I actually got fried chicken right... crispy and flavorful, step #1 calls for coating the chicken with an herb blend before the buttermilk happens... succulent & juicy, fry til golden then finish in the oven until cooked through (to 165 degrees F!) If you like to cook, you'll know how much this makes sense. -Korina
This book was so unexpected by having so many 5 star recipes. The waffles are truly amazing. The batter is a good portion and last my household for 2 days or so. I came home earlier from work one day to find my boyfriend having his second waffle for a late afternoon snack. The chicken recipe completes the waffle if you want the classic chick & waff meal. I made a few other things and they are all great. Simple ingredients, clear instructions, and great pictures. I love the inserted articles that adds onto the hominess to the place. -Sharaz 
I picked up this book in a charity shop after having a quick scan but when I got home I found that the donator had neatly cut out most of the best recipes and I was furious. Who does that???Anyway, it was a great relief to find that it was stocked on Amazon and I ordered it straight away. It is a beautiful book, with nice introductions and anecdotes and the Apple Bundt Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze is to die for. It would make a lovely gift if you have a foodie friend and you want to give them a book that's not by one of the mainstream TV celebrity cooks. -K. Hedges 

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