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Fear-Free Food: How to ditch dieting and fall back in love with food

Envision having a serene relationship with food. One which leaves you feeling sound, upbeat and loaded with life. No tension or blame. No calorie forgetting about or cutting nutrition classes. No squandering vitality stressing over what to eat or making progress toward an ideal eating regimen that doesn't exist. 

In Fear-Free Food, nutritionist and Intuitive Eating Counselor Nicola Jane Hobbs tells you the best way to break liberated from the harmful messages of diet culture, make harmony with food and find how to genuinely feed yourself. 

Loaded up with merciful guidance, attitude procedures and pragmatic strides to assist you with confiding in your body and discover food opportunity, just as science-sponsored data scattering across the board sustenance fantasies, Fear-Free Food tells you the best way to supplant consuming less calories and hardship with sustenance and sustenance. 
With more than 80 nutritious and tasty plans to reignite your energy for eating, running from Italian Baked Eggs, Sweet Moroccan Falafel and Pan-singed Salmon Tikka, to Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Honey Oat Banana Bread and Carrot Cake Cookies. Every formula grasps the Fear-Free Food reasoning of adjusted, fun, dread free eating to motivate you to get imaginative in the kitchen and begin to look all starry eyed at food, your body and your life!
About the Author
Nicola Jane Hobbs has a passion for helping people eat, move, and live with less fear and more freedom. She has a Master's degree in psychology, specializing in Eating and Exercise Psychology and is a qualified nutritionist and certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Nicola also teaches yoga internationally and is the author of Thrive Through Yoga and Yoga Gym, both published by Bloomsbury.
This book is brilliant! I am a constant dieter and can do really well for ages until one day I binge and it’s all downhill from there until I decide to start over! This book makes so much sense, the philosophy is don’t restrict certain food groups, don’t label food ‘bad’ or ‘good’ and honestly I feel like I have a whole new sense of freedom with food now! I probably own nearly every healthy eating book / recipe book out there and this is definitely one of my top favourites now. Thank you Nicola for helping me break my bad cycle of endless diets! -Cannon16
If you've come across this title odds are you struggle with food/nutritional confusion. Nicola provides a great background and sustainable sensible approach to combating the often one extreme to the other mentality when it comes to intuitive eating. Basically practice moderation eat well and don't obsess over your food too much. -LauraBrown 
I love this book the recipes are delicious. It is helping me find my love of cooking again whilst having nutritious meals.-Cheryl Mercel 

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