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One Pan, Two Plates: Vegetarian Suppers: More than 70 Weeknight Meals for Two 

More and more people are making the shift to a vegetable-centric diet. Yet, in a two-person household it can be challenging to find quick, easy, and satisfying recipes to cook up at the end of a busy workday (especially without leftovers). This follow-up to the successful One Pan, Two Plates provides 70 perfectly sized vegetarian entrĂ©es—think Butternut Risotto, Gnocchi with Wild Mushrooms and Edamame, and Eggplant Rollatini—all requiring only one pan and one hour or less to prepare. With beverage pairings for each recipe and an "Extra hungry?" feature for heartier appetites, each dish is one that home cooks will make again and again.
About the Author
Carla Snyder, cookbook author and cooking school teacher, lives in Hudson, Ohio.
I recommend this cookbook to anyone who will sit still long enough to listen to me. I had borrowed original One Pan, Two Plates cookbook from the public library and loved it so much that I bought my own copy. I purchased it in May 2016 and have cooked exclusively from it ever since. When I saw that the same author had written another cookbook, I preordered it immediately in August 2016. I had found myself in a cooking rut that even Pinterest couldn't pull me out of. Online recipes are great, but sometimes they wouldn't come out like they were intended to, or pairing a main dish and a side dish was a bit of a chore, or the two of us would get tired of eating leftovers for three days straight. At the place I was in my life, I needed a book I could just cook my way through that did much of the planning for me. -Frank
It being winter.I have started with the soups, and the flavors have been AWESOME and very satisfying. After trying a couple of recipes, I was so impressed that I invested in a 12-inch Le Creuset enameled cast iron braising pan with a lid (50% off at a Le Creuset outlet store). It is perfect for these recipes because it goes easily and beautifully from stove to table. Cooking also feels clean with less dish washing afterward. I have many vegetarian cookbooks, but Carla Snyder really has a gift for blending flavors with a focus on healthy eating. It appears that the main ingredients are vegetables flavored but not overwhelmed by dairy products and other high fat, high caloric foods. I feel good after cooking, serving and eating the dishes that I make from her recipes. They are gifts for the taste buds. -Karanas 
This is a beautifully photographed and assembled cookbook. I appreciate the author's efforts to advise on how to increase quantities for those who might want larger portions, side recommendations, and, of course, beverage (wine, beer) recommendations. The only reason for 4 Stars is that a few of the recipes call for ingredients not readily available (at least for me) but the quantity used is so small I've omitted without problems. A great purchase for new or long-term vegetarians. -MAB 

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