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Paletas: Authentic Recipes for Mexican Ice Pops, Shaved Ice & Aguas Frescas

From the unadulterated, brilliant kinds of exemplary Blackberry and Spicy Pineapple to out of the blue captivating blends, for example, Sour Cream, Cherry and Tequila, or Strawberry-Horchata, Paletas is a connecting with and heavenly manual for Mexico's conventional—and some not really customary—solidified treats. 

Gathered and created by commended baked good culinary expert Fany Gerson, this sweet little cookbook exhibits her preferred plans for paletas, those flavor-stuffed ice pops produced using a tremendous assortment of natural products, nuts, blossoms, and even flavors; in addition to shaved ice (raspados) and aguas frescas—the brilliant Mexican beverages including entire leafy foods fixings like tamarind and hibiscus blossoms. 

Regardless of whether you're attracted to a basic eruption of new organic product—as in the Coconut, Watermelon, or Cantaloupe pops—or lean toward gutsy flavors like Mezcal-Orange, Mexican Chocolate, Hibiscus-Raspberry, or Lime Pie, Paletas is an enticing, invigorating aide ensured to assist you with beating the warmth.
About the Author
As the country’s most authoritative voice on Mexican sweets, FANY GERSON has been featured in the New York Times, Gourmet, Fine Cooking, Daily Candy, Village Voice, NY Daily News, Time Out magazine, and New York magazine, among other publications. She recently launched the acclaimed La Newyorkina, a Mexican frozen treats and sweets business that began with her love for paletas. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Fany has worked in a range of fine-dining kitchens around the world. Visit www.lanewyorkina.com for more information.
I have only made a couple of recipes from this book so far--the Hibiscus-Raspberry Ice Pop and the Jamaica Aguas Fresca (Hibiscus Iced Tea), but they have both been even better than I expected. I had purchased some hibiscus flowers to make the iced tea, and tried a different recipe I found on-line that called for half as many flowers, and steeping in the refrigerator. I wasn't all that enthusiastic about the final drink, went searching for a way to use up the hibiscus flowers, and remembered this cookbook. I was worried that the iced tea I had made was going to be too weak to work in a popsicle (as frozen items can seem less flavorful than they do when warm), so I followed her recipe for the ice pop which uses her hibiscus agua fresca recipe as a base. The final hibiscus drink was SO much better than the one I had made before--I have since made it twice more (in about a week and a half). The ice pop was fantastic too--although I only have six small popsicle molds (these moldsClearance Sale - Ozera Ice Popsicle Molds, Ice Pop Molds, Ice Pop Maker, Oval, Set of 6, Green which work great, by the way), and using her recipe as written meant that most of each mold was filled with raspberries. So the final ice pop tastes essentially like the most refreshing frozen raspberry ice pop you can imagine--which is not a complaint on any level--but I want to try again with half the amount of raspberries so that I can also taste the hibiscus this time.-Melissa Gerber
At first I was a bit esceptical on buying this books, now that I have it, I think is the best ,easy to use and to understand, my kids love the recipes in this book. I wish the author would of written more paleta recipes instead of aguas frescas...since kids and grown ups love them...specially if you live in a tropical weather as we do. P.s this book is forgiving, so this makes space for you to invent and create your own recipe...onece you read it you can have a better idea how paletas flavor match -Fatima P.
Love this book! I had a lot of the ingredients on hand. Very cool flavor combinations, along with good stuff that you will surely love! I'm very happy that I purchased this book, though I will say it is a bit smaller than I thought it would be, in regards to the physical size of the book! But you know what they say, dynamite comes in small packages! Yes, you can find paleta recipes online for free, but this book has some great flavors that I wouldn't have thought of trying before! It's also not solely paletas. It's got a variety of things in it to try out. Definitely looking forward to making a bunch of the things mentioned in here. So far, only tried the cantaloupe, strawberry, avocado & lime paletas, because that's what I had on hand to test with! :) VERY YUMMY! Highly recommended! -Candy Simmerman 

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