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Perfect Pops: The 50 Best Classic & Cool Treats

Pops are summer's freshest solidified treats, and they're appearing in all the best places, from ranchers markets to high end caf├ęs. The ideal method to capitalize on ready organic product is by suspending it in sweet ice, however Perfect Pops takes popsicles past foods grown from the ground. With 50 plans for popsicles in imaginative, existing apart from everything else flavors, this book incorporates velvety pops, extravagant pops suggestive of nostalgic, delicious treats, for example, chocolate pudding, and liquor spiked flies for grown-ups. Strategies for making striped, whirled, layered and rich focused pops plunged in chocolate make this book an enchanting asset for moms and crafters searching for simple kitchen ventures with flavorful outcomes!
About the Author
Charity Ferreira is the author of Brittles, Barks & Bonbons and Ice Cream Treats. She lives in Oakland, California. 
This book is amazing. The recipes rock, the photos are gorgeous, just an all around comprehensive popsicle recipe book. I went and checked it out at the bookstore before purchasing it through Amazon. So I knew I wanted it and I knew the recipes in it looked terrific! I've made the Watermelon Pops, the Chocolate Pops, the Pistachio Saffron Pops...the list goes on & on :) They were ALL terrific. -Aville
So awesome. I bring this book out each spring and use it all summer. something for everyone. I have given at least 10 copies as gifts. Most recipes have only 5 or so ingredients, yet have sophisticated flavors. They ALL have worked well. no duds. Tons of fun for kids and adults. -Jon 
I love this little book and have tried almost all the recipes so far. I dont know why more people dont make thier own pops with books like this at great prices! I have recommended it to many of my friends! -Edybear 

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