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Pie School: Lessons in Fruit, Flour & Butter 

Open the key to heating the ideal covering, and everything else is simple as pie. Seattle abstract and culinary sweetheart Kate Lebo shares her plans for fifty impeccable pies. Included are apple (obviously), five different ways with rhubarb, lemon chiffon, a few blueberry pie varieties, galettes, and that's just the beginning. Become familiar with the secrets to making fortunate heated products and sans gluten hull while appreciating Kate Lebo's magnificently comical, keen, and empowering voice. Notwithstanding plans, Lebo welcomes perusers to ruminate on the social history, the significance, and the spot of pie in the pantheon of most loved nourishments. At the point when you have aced the craftsmanship, science and enchantment of making the ideal pie in Pie School, everybody will need to be your companion.
About the Author
KATE LEBO is an award-winning baker and writer. After earning her MFA from the University of Washington, Kate opened her pastry academy, Pie School, in Seattle, WA.
This book is well worth the money. And for a cookbook it is a fun read, as Kate makes pie baking a fulfilling life experience. I have struggled for 50 years to make good piecrust. When I was a child my mother hated to cook, but money was tight so mom could make a None Such Mincemeat pie for 10 cents so we ate lots of pies. My mom had extremely cold hands and hating to cook she gave the flour, salt, Crisco and water a quick stir or two with her hands and we had piecrust that was flaky and wonderful. However, I love to cook and bake and spent way too much time kneading the crust into an inedible piece of plaster of Paris. Kate has shown me the secret to really good crust, with good commentary and photos. I have made several apple pies and even one as a gift. Helped my granddaughter learn to make an apple pie on FaceTime and she was told by a friend, "That's the best apple pie I've ever eaten." Thanks to Kate !!!! -Karen
My passion for pie baking began a few years ago and since then I have been on a quest to learn everything about pie baking. I've read numerous blogs and and recipes to learn about flavors and technique. I will be baking 25 pies for an upcoming wedding in June so I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on any secret tricks. (Doing a favor for a friend who owns a catering company and was offered $35.00 a pie) This is a great book for both beginners and novice pie bakers! I'm happy to learn I'm doing everything right, and if you follow the recipes and technique in this book you will save yourself hours, perhaps years, of Internet searching like me! I'm not a professional pie baker but I've been told I should be! The author also referenced my favorite blog, The Art of Pie by Kate McDermott as one of her favorites so I knew this would be worth the read. If you have a passion for pie baking, this is going to cover everything you need to know in a very simplistic form to making the perfect pie! The recipes are solid in both flavor and technique. I also enjoyed the author's short narratives. -Tam Chau 
I first found this book in the library and loved it so much I bought a copy. Eventually I was able to have Kate visit my home and teach a class to myself and three friends. It was a blast! The book is full of several different dough recipes and types as well as many wonderful pie concoctions. I discovered galettes which are so much fun to make, especially dinner varieties. I highly recommend this book as a great resource and starting point for new and experienced bakers. I have been baking for decades but learned a lot of tips which make pie making so much more rewarding. -Zach 

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